Taiwanese boffins reinvent wheel

Introducing the e-Body Rejuvenator®

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You put your left leg in, your left leg out...

When we were lads, we had to make do with the simple pleasures in life. Not for us the intellectual stimulation of a PS2 Indy car simulator. Oh no. Back then the cutting edge of leisure technology was a piece of wood formed into a circle and called a hula hoop.

Naturally, this crude plaything receives short shrift from today's e-literate youngsters. Or it did, until Taiwanese company Toptell unveiled its e-Body Rejuvenator.

Boffins have transformed the humble hula hoop into the must-have leisure accessory of the new millennium. According to the blurb: e-Body Rejuvenator® is like being with your own personal trainer who cheers and reminds the time, preventing you from overdoing the exercise. Simply enter your weight and waistline measurements, the body shaper's built-in microprocessor will then automatically calculate and accumulate the burnt out calories. In addition, this body shaper will also count and accumulate each number of turns achieved and time of use achieved, and then display all the figures on LCD screen and store in memory. A unique electronic voice reporter will speak and report the counting and timing simultaneously, as well as interact with you to encourage you to keep going and challenge your own record. There are exclamations on new record achieved or quit halfway. In addition, there is a "beep" sound effect that is similar to heartbeat sound corresponding with each turn. When the user turns the body shaper faster, the beeping speed goes faster and vice versa. User will enjoy several lifelike surrounding songs to play along while this body shaper is in use. With this interaction and interesting design, there's no more excuse for giving up using the most convenient and efficient body shaper.

The all-singing, all-dancing e-Body Rejuvenator® has already proved a hit with the Mayor of Taipei city, Mr Ying-Jeou Ma (pictured above). If that doesn't convince you, perhaps the news it won 'The Supreme Prize of Golden Brain Award from Taiwan International Competition 2000' will force open you wallet. It will give you something to do while waiting for your flying car to be delivered. ®

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Find out more about Toptell's exciting and innovative product here.

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