Knife hangs over 73 Computacenter jobs

But this is a positive story...

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Computacenter has told 73 workers that they are at risk of being jobless after its decision to re-integrate its ebusiness division back into its main operation.

It's hoped that many of those fingered will find jobs within Computacenter although the outfit has confirmed that there may be casualties.

Staff at iGroup were told officially of Computacenter's decision on Wednesday although it's understood that the changes were expected.

A senior spokesman for the company was very keen to stress the positive sides of this story when El Reg called yesterday.

He didn't want the effective closure of its separate ebusiness operation, iGroup, and the fact that 73 people have been told their jobs are at risk to be in any way misunderstood.

As always, El Reg is happy to oblige and asked for an official statement that would get their message across.

That statement is published, in full, below. However, we ran it through the Jargonator first - an online device which ranks the jargon density of PR fluff.

Unfortunately, it received a worse than average score of "4" describing the statement as "Getting unfit for human consumption" - which may influence your decision to read it.

Of course, it could have been worse. If it had scored "6" the advice would have been "put it in the bottom of your bird cage and start over". ®

<n>Computacenter Statement re iGroup
Computacenter has made a decision to integrate it's iGroup SiteStar 'Incubator' services (SiteHost, SiteAlert and SiteSecure) into it's core service portfolio offerings. This has always been the intention as these services encompass a wide range of Computacenter services that will benefit by closer integration into our enterprise services portfolio.

Over the last year The iGroup has been developing a number of software solutions, predominantly its intranet-based knowledge management solution, 'iFramework'. Application development is not a core focus area for Computacenter and after much consideration regarding the future direction of this type of business, we have decided that we will not be investing in this development area any further.

We are currently in conversations with all personnel affected to talk about the best way forward. Computacenter has over 400 vacancies and where possible staff will be re-deployed within the business. The staff in the iGroup have been put on risk of redundancy, which is standard practice when changing job roles. There are 73 people in the iGroup, most of whom are working on on-going projects. We don't imagine that we will have any problem utilising their skills within the organisation.

That said, some of the employees are highly skilled in very specialist areas so it might make more sense for them as individuals to seek employment in more specialist companies as Computacenter will continue to concentrate on the delivery of it's core infrastructure services.


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