BT builds for the future

Watford to become major telco centre

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These are unsettling times for workers at BT.

Those hard-working folk at BT's plush HQ opposite St Paul's Cathedral in London have been told that the building is going to be sold and they're going to have to hop it.

No worries though - because BT already has offices dotted around London's M25 ring road including locations near Heathrow and Gatwick and dispossessed HQ staff will be absorbed into these places and elsewhere.

And just to make sure there's enough room, it's having another complex - three buildings totalling 193,000 sq ft to be exact - built near Watford too at a place called Leaveden Park. This should be finished and ready to receive staff by summer 2002 - just in time for when BT vacates its plush office in central London.

According to Sean Walsh, of BT Property, the move to the former aerodrome is "a key part of BT's strategic relocation programme to move staff from central London to M25 locations".

And here's us thinking it's all about saving a bob or two. ®

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