Internet .com kills the dotcom

It's the end of an earpiece

It's official - the era is over.

The owner of the most emblematic dotcom brand of all, Incorporated is proposing changing its name to the "INTMedia Group Incorporated".

And in suitably anti-climatic fashion, the directors propose the change in a turgid SEC filing almost designed not to be read:-

"The Board of Directors believes that the inclusion of ".com" as part of a company's name is perceived to reflect the nature of that company as a provider of services or content to users or businesses solely over the Internet. The Board of Directors believes that the Company has grown to provide services to an expanded group of users, and that the Company does not provide these services solely over the Internet. Therefore, the Board of Directors believes that changing the Company's name will more accurately reflect both the Company's current business as well as its strategy to increasingly offer its services to users, merchants and service providers by means other than the Internet," declares the company in a PRE14a filing made last week.

'' went public at the height of the euphoria, in summer 1999.

Despite references to '' on many web sites, we've only ever been The Register. ®

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