FOTW I used to respect you folks…

There's no fool like an April fool

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Internet Security Threat Report 2014

Big love this week to all of you who enjoyed our April 1st makeover. Big clip round the ear to 'modor' - proof, were it needed, that evolution moves slower in some places than others:

It remains to be seen how soon you all start kissing Bill's ASS, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon forever and ever. I used to respect you folks because you dared speak a valid opinion against the corporate crap. Now you are just going to shit Microsoft Pom-Poms.

No more recomendations for The Register, erm, I mean Bill's Sucked Dick.

Fuck you all.

Confused? Those of you who were - rightly - in bed all day last Sunday, can see what all the fuss is about here.

Beginner's guide to SSL certificates

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