Pittsburgh to get Apple store in ‘two months’

So claims site search agent

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Apple is looking for retail sites in Pittsburgh in order to open "three or four" stores in the area, according to the guy who is finding the locations on the company's behalf.

"We've been looking for the appropriate locations," claimed one Herky Pollock, executive VP at CB Richard Ellis/Pittsburgh, cited by the Pittsburgh Business Times. The search has gone on for the last couple of months.

According to Pollock, Apple wants to open up to four stores in the Pittsburgh area, all between 5000sq ft and 6000sq ft. Target retails zones include Shadyside, and the North and South Hills, he said.

The first stores will open in the next two months, Pollock claimed, with other sites following elsewhere in Western Pennsylvania by the end of the year.

"[Apple] is not entirely satisfied with the way its product is currently merchandised in other mass market retailers," said Pollock. "Apple is obviously trying to grow its market share. By allowing consumers to come in and test their merchandise, it will create an opportunity to show how Apple differentiates itself from other PCs in the marketplace.

"It is not entirely satisfied with the way its product is currently merchandised in other mass market retailers," he added.

Not that the others are too happy about the move. One told the paper: "That's a typical Apple move. They do everything they can to screw up the dealers."

The Pittsburgh stores join a chain stretching across the US, from Palo Alto, Glendale and (it's believed) San Francisco in California to New York City, taking in Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Cambridge and lesser known sites like Littleton, Colorado on the way. ®

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