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AMD site in big punchup with Asus

We wander lonely as a clout

HWRoundup At AMD MB, there's a big cafuffle because Asus don't like what the boys and girls say about its kit, and don't want to play with this hardware site any more. Look at AMD MB's forum for the meat.

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For those of interested in seeing how thermal grease affects this story, get over to Overclockers.Com, for its take on this ruckus, which it calls Asus-ops fables.

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How does AMD's Afflatus scale? That's a question Dr Pabst explores at this page on Tom's HW. He points out that because of what we call the Megahurts Wars, new machines lose value pretty rapidly, so that you need to decide exactly what you're going to use your PC for. Tom's advice is good, and can be contrasted with our own view on what's happening to PCs in 2000, which you can find in our archive called What PC should I buy next. Remember that Intel wants to wave bye-bye to the Pentium III family on the desktop, so there's some good bargains out there.

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JC points to this piece at The Temple of Tech which talks about memory bandwidth in some detail. Later today, we're taking another look at DDR and Ramboid memory for the PC, there's so much smoke and so many concave mirrors on the subject that your average geezer or geezerette on the Clapham Omnibus is bound to be confused. This piece looks at one of the nastiest weapons the marchitecture boys and girls have in their fear, uncertainty and doubt armoury, viz. Latency.

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The Anandtech site takes a look at Gigabyte's Apollo Pro 266 mobo over at this spot. DDR memory and the Pentium III is a "match made in heaven" according to the report. We thought a match made in heaven was a lucifer...

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At Bar Feats, there's a benchtest between a G4/733 and a G4/533 Dual system for the Mac fans that read La Registra. Thanks to Arstechnica for the link.

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Thanks to AMD Zone for pointing us to Asus' (yes, it's that company again) "virtual booth" it has on its Web site. This seems to be a cunning ploy for the Asus boys to avoid having to actually freeze their balls off at the Cebit show in Hangover, later on this month. Maybe they don't like Munchen Halle or the vast crowds, either...

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Don't get frozen in the neo-Arctic wastes of Cebit with a terrible Hangover. Just go to our Virtual Hardware Booth and check out the archives