Intel P4 spade a forking shovel

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HWRoundup Call a spade a spade, we were always told at school, and don't use the word fork or you'll get in bovver. Good then to see that at Ace's Hardware, they're not afraid to call the Pentium 4 spade a forking shovel. There's an in depth look at branch prediction and misprediction in this piece and Johan De Gelas notes that the P4 has a few rough edges but that Intella has probably invented the most advanced C++ compiler on earth. Trouble is you've got to persuade software developers to use it to take advantage of Intella's Screaming Sindy II. Now if only Intel was to design Microsoft operating environments...

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You've got to hand it to one of the most underestimated sites on the wibbly wobbly web - Sarcasm.com - which ever so wittily delivers the message Site not found when you point your browser's ass at it.

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Tech Report is comparing apples with bananas in a piece here about AMD Afflons and P4s.

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There's a review of a coppa whoppa coola called the Hedgehog, over here at TechWatch.

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Our mates over at Hexus Net are joining the rush to review heat sinks with a guide for the aficionado. The site also points to Mad Overclock which apparently has made an Afflon hit 1.7GHz. Wonder if one of those would cure our terminally ill version of Internet Explorer 5.5?

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Cos, see, these people over here are saying that "If you are running with an AMD chip, you should also note that there have been quite a number of reports on faulty L1 cache (the cache on the chip). Go in your computers BIOS (see your handbook for instructions), and disable the Level 1 cache. If this resolves your problems, consider buying a new CPU." Can this be true? We think Microsoft and AMD should tellus.

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Never mind turbocharging your PC, drive your car to the limits of distraction by installing rockets on its rear. Alternatively, go to E Bay and buy an already over clocked bit of kit.

Chin chin. ®

Mounted your turbocharger? Overclocked your watch? Ready to go-go? Have a shufty at our Hardware Archives first...


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