Two more sites join Apple retail chain

Littleton, Colorado and New York City to get AppleStores

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Littleton, Colorado and New York City have joined Chicago; Glendale, California and Palo Alto as unofficially confirmed sites for outlets in Apple's soon-to-be-opened retail chain.

Apple has kept very quiet about its plan, which leaked out a year or so back. Since then, details of the scheme have emerged from unlikely sources - for the computer biz, at any rate - like town planners and property leasing agents.

To that list we can now add mall management companies. The Littleton site, part of the Aspen Grove mall, is due to open in November, according to Terry McEwen, president of Memphis-based Poag & McEwen Lifestyle Centers, the developer of the shopping centre.

The Apple store, one of 60 in Aspen Grove, will be 6200 square feet in size, rather smaller than the 28,000sq ft store Apple is expected to open in Chicago. The Palo Alto site is 6500sq ft.

"[Apple is] opening lots of them around the country now," claimed McEwen, cited by Shopping Centres Today, the news magazine of the - get this - International Council of Shopping Centres.

SCT also notes that "executives of one large New York City area mall say they are also close to signing a deal with Apple".

The Glendale, Palo Alto and Chicago are believed to be set for an April 2001 opening - not long after the launch of MacOS X at the end of March, interestingly enough. The Littleboro store's opening date of November suggests either that the whole plan has been put back or, more likely, that Apple is looking at rolling out the chain across the US throughout the year. ®

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