Intel ships second anti-Transmeta Mobile PIII

After the Ultra-low Voltage 500MHz part comes the not-so-low-voltage 700MHz chip

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Intel Developer Forum Intel Developer Forum, San Jose Intel today announced its latest mobile processor, the Low Voltage 700MHz Pentium III, less than a month before it ships its first 1GHz notebook-oriented CPU, as predicted (see Chipzilla readies 1GHz Mobile PIII).

The new part is aimed at what Intel calls the 'mini-notebook' segment, which essentially covers machines weighing less than 3lbs, but aren't small enough to be classed as sub-notebooks. The 500MHz Ultra-low Voltage PIII Intel launched late January is aimed at that part of market. Both essentially target markets Transmeta is hoping to with with its Crusoe TM5x00 family.

The LV PIII is fabbed at 0.18 micron, and draw 1.35V when running flat out at 700MHz. SpeedStep can take that down to 500MHz, at which point the part draws 1.1V and consumes, on average, less than 1W of power. The chip contains 256KB of on-die L2 cache and supports a 100MHz system bus.

The chip costs $316 when sold in batches of 1000.

Here at IDF, Paul Otellini, head of Intel's Intel Architecture Group, said that the upcoming 1GHz Mobile PIII would be introduce "this quarter". We expect it to be launched next month, and Otellini's comments confirm that. The 1GHz part will be aimed at traditional all-in-one notebooks, with the existing 850MHz part being re-targeted at the thin-and-light sector - all those ultra-slim designer portables aimed at senior executives.

He also said the Mobile PIII will go to 0.13 micron in the second half of the year, which also confirms what we'd heard about the arrival in Q3 of the 0.13 micron PIII-based Mobile Tualatin. Tualatin will ship at 1.06GHz and 1.13GHz, both with 512KB on-die L2.

Otellini briefly mentioned that the Mobile Pentium 4 will debut at the end of the year or early 2002 and will also be fabbed at 0.13 micron. We were expecting it to ship February 2002, when Intel will ship 1.5 and 1.6GHz Mobile P4 parts based on the 0.13 micron Northwood P4 design. ®

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