Soltek 75KAV-X slobbered over

Newbie overclocking cream

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HWRoundup Chris Tom over at SocketA took a peek at the Soltek 75KAV-X, based on the VIA KT133A chipset. The Redstorm overclocking feature went down well, Chris reckons it'll be particularly handy for newbies. There a couple of things on the "How to make it perfect" wishlist, but then there always are. Overall, this got a solid thumbs up, scoring 91 per cent. Click here for the rest of it.

The Sharky ones join the ranks of Radeon VE reviewers, with a measured look at the new board. Not going all out for pixel crunching supremacy doesn't seem to have lost the guys at ATI any friends. But then that's what happens when you give people two screens at once. Read all about it


A message for any piece of kit languishing in a box or under a bed somewhere: If you want to be reviewed, whisper to your owner. It worked for the Abit SA6R, and Mikey proudly presents the results of the torture session


. Despite the cost, the board won the hearts of the reviewers, so have a read.

Doing a Van Gogh in the name of hardware - now that is dedication to the cause. The guys at Overclockers Online take a look at some Quiet PC products and got the fan a little close to the ear in the process. That alone is a reason to check the



Planet Hardware gives the Pro266 Master-S Mainboard from MSI a good working-over. At least a million Quake and non Quake benchmarks, and a conclusion that points to limited overclocking fun, but make your own mind up


. ®

I think I dislodged my sense of humour during a coughing fit, so instead of trying to entice you to the archives with the promise of more groovy hardware stuff, I'll threaten you with pain if you don't get over there now. Comply!


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