Flame archive 2001 Part 1

More howling at the moon insanity

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Choosing a cloud hosting partner with confidence

15th June 2001: Lester the Canadian Molester
1st June 2001: Beware of Greeks bearing email
25th May 2001: 'Kieren you ignorant slut...'
27th April 2001: Absolutely zero effort
21st April 2001: Nibbling at America's heel
6th April 2001: I used to respect you folks...
30th March 2001: Oi ya bunch o dobbers
23rd March 2001: Magee in Rambus rumpus
9th March 2001: Flames part I and II
2nd March 2001: BarrysWorld fan in hormonal rage
15th February 2001: MOOT wtf is a MOOT?
9th February 2001: Do you wanna be in my gang?
2nd February 2001: Quit writing the word 'cock'
26th January 2001: You jumped up sanctimonious hacks
18th January 2001: Stop whining, you faggot
11th January 2001: Linda Harrison is a commie
5th January 2001: Magee is suck boy

Security for virtualized datacentres

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Security for virtualized datacentres
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