Nvidia in Sharky infested water

Anand's KT133 board hoard

HWRoundup SharkyExtreme plays host to an interview with Nvidia today. You lot asked the questions, they post the answers. Find out what the game card merchants make of life, the universe and everything here.

Hexus gets in on the "AMD 760 chipset and DDR" act with


review. Despite the arrival of the KT133A being a bit of rain on the DDR parade, the Hexus boys don't really have a bad word to say, although there is a bit of a wait and see clause attached.

TweakersAsylum took a look at an AOpen 1640 Pro 16x DVD optical drive, and got rather tangled up in benchmarks along the way. We're not sure whether this is more the benchmarking program or the drive itself behaving in an odd way, but apart from having trouble getting the numbers nailed, Kauzmo seemed quite happy with the performance of the drive once a movie was playing. Click


to see if you can make more sense of this than we can.

Anandtech delves into the lucky dip that is the selection of KT133 boards and comes up with a good'un: The ASUS A7V133 Socket-A KT133A ATX. One thing we like about reviews on Anandtech is the transparent grading system. In this case, the only real bone they had to pick was the layout of the board. So check


out if you are thinking of spending some money.

Just want to pass this message from those aussie Overclockers:

Hi Guys - got some troubling info today, It seems the "Speed Cheat" used in Half-Life and Counter-Strike lately can also be used to skew benchmark results. I have some info and screenshots up showing 60,000+ 3DMarks, WCPUID reporting a 17,000MHz FSB etc

Sound a bit worrying? Check the rest of it out here.

A message to any mental health professionals who may read the Roundup: Please get help as fast as possible to

this lot.

They have obviously overheated and blown a few connections. Peanut butter and banana sandwich reviews indeed. ®

After all that, you probably need to go and lie down quietly in a darkened room. But just in case you have not had enough hardware for one day, check out the archives.

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