Italian Footballers in Website prostitute probe

Who scored?

A bunch of Italian footballers has been implicated in a sex ring that offered prostitutes online.

Police said the men, who were not named, played for a "top Milan-based soccer club", AP reported.

There are two Milan teams in Italy's Serie A - Internazionale, which denied any player involvement, and AC Milan, which refused to comment.

But Internazionale coach Marco Tardelli seemed to disagree with his club's statement. He told Italian TV the accusations were true, while coming out with a revelation of his own. "They were stupid, they got caught," he said.

"Compliments to those who don't get caught. I never got caught."

His family must be very proud.

The Website in question showed advertisements by both male and female prostitutes, who offered their services for an earthmoving $1,400 a pop. The site was apparently part of a organisation busted by police. They seized computer gear and hundreds of photos, and charged two people with abetting prostitution.

And the players' involvement? That concerns a little party they are accused of organising with several of the women. The Italian stallions allegedly started the night off in a top Milan restaurant, before whisking some of the ladies off for a private party at one of the men's homes.

It is not known if any of the footballers scored. ®

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