Tales of the strange from hardware headcases

USB ciggie lighter, anyone?

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HWRoundup Because it is Monday, I didn't want to launch into a massively serious roundup, so here are a few light bites for you delectation:

Roland (Rolotech) gives some thought to the best videocard for an overclocked PC. He's looked at 25 cards and ran them at different AGP settings to get loadsa data together. He also has a look at how the bus frequency works, so have a read of it here.

Obviously overcome by a flush of community spirit, Hardware OC has posted a

rookie guide

to buying a computer. How to find the best deal, what you want to put in your machine and how to tell if you are about to be fleeced. All useful stuff.

Equally useful is their rather funny

case mod.

It may be bad for your health, but who cares when you can add another gizmo to your computer? I'm talking about a USB cigarette lighter. Madness, sheer madness.

Want a webcam to sit on your machine and make you feel space age? Oh go on, you know you do. Check out


review over at Hexus. They took an appreciative look at the Creative blah blah webcam. It doubles as a camera you know.

If, like me, you have never felt the urge to surf the Net while getting the milk, the idea of an internet fridge might seem, shall we say, a little odd? However, just because something is odd doesn't mean we shouldn't look and laugh. So check out the 68th edition on ZZZ Online where as well as the Net Fridge and more strange keyboards, there is the "curiouser and curioser" factor associated with a tractor driven by GPS. You'll find it



On a slightly more serious note, Tweakers Asylum has written a review of the ABIT KT7A RAID (KT133A) Socket A motherboard, find it



And last of all, Iamnotageek took a look at the Asus V7700 Ultra. Eleven pages, no less. Check that one out


. ®

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