Tualatin, Trucks and DDR

We're distracted by a picture of a gigantic truck. Or is it?

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Hardware Roundup Insane Hardware has pictures and specifications of Tualatin, Intel's 200Mhz FSB PIII. It's based on the i830, and uses DDR. What are you waiting for? Click here for the skinny, and if you're worried about the thing overheating, fear not: here's a link to Tualatin's very own Fire Department.

Hardware Unlimited has found a problem with

a look

at the D-Link DMP-CD100, CD player that plays MP3s you've burned onto data CD-Rs. Unlike the Philips player, it doesn't do shock protection when playing data files. So keep it very, very steady...

OC Workbench has another KT133A mobo, and this one does RAID too. The crazy hombres have also been overclocking the Abit KT133A that HardOCP goosed last week. How far did they get? Find out



Meanwhile BX Boards

turns up a surprise

with a new IWill board: which it reckons is the first production DDR mobo.

Want to upgrade that PII 200 to something more speedier? HEXUS.net shows how you can bring it kicking and screaming into the er, late 90s, with a Celeron upgrade. Find out more



Lordkolya tells us that the new update of the very interesting

ZZZ Online

has details of a digital frying pan, a credit-card-sized camera, and what could be the biggest truck in the world. He's right! It's enormous! On the other hand we reckon that given the thermal properties of Intel's Itanic processor, it's really a working prototype for the first mobile IA-64 notebook...

Speaking of high temperatures, you'll be wondering where Lucy is. She's gone home, having caught the cold that I brought back to the London office with me from San Narcisco, so wish her a speedy recovery, boys and girls. ®

But if you wanted to read the collected works of Lucy's HWRoundups then click here.


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