Turkish police nick cybercafe kids

Smoke, smut and... er... backgammon

Turkish police have arrested 130 kids for the heinous crime of visiting cybercafes.

The children were detained briefly in the central Anatolian town of Kirikkale for fear that they could be corrupted by spending time in such establishments, Reuters reported.

"Checks were made into complaints that Internet cafes were full of cigarette smoke and that children could look at pornographic materials in addition to playing backgammon," said police chief Hayrettin Gok.

"This is your education: stay home and do your homework," he told the youngsters.

He threatened to round the children up again if they went back to Internet cafes or games arcades.

"We want you to become people who do some good for the state; we want to see you in nice places, not bad ones," he added. ®

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