Cyrix III fails to impress at Anandtech

A sorry tale...

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HWRoundup Anand has posted a peek at the "world's first" .15 micron x86 - the VIA Cyrix III. The review is fairly damning: "The additional 64KB of L2 cache and the shrink to the .15 micron process do not seem to be not enough to save the Cyrix III from going the way of the dodo." Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Read the whole sorry story here.

If you are thinking about blowing some cash on anything i815e-esque, check out HWOC's review of the offering from AOpen, the AX3S Pro. "We browse through its features and put it up against some other well known boards," they say. And of course, let you know whether it is worth the cash. Read all about it



While you're there it is worth knowing that, generous souls that they are, they are also giving away a Duron 600@900. Find that bit



AthlonMB were a little disappointed with the Gigabyte 7DXC AMD 760 motherboard when they reviewed it. It seems that AMD don't have an adjustable FSB/memory bus like the KT133 chipset did. Nonetheless, a triumphant eight-stars-out-of-ten suggest that the rest of it worked OK. Find out where the good stuff is


Bored on a Saturday afternoon? Nothing good to watch on TV? Well, never fear, you can always cut a bloody great section out of your computer case, just like the boys at 3DHardware did. Check out

this guide

for the ultimate in procrastination techniques.

And finally, because it is Friday and we are feeling kind of relaxed and congenial over at

Vulture Central

, I'll include this link to


product site. Have a look and see what you think.


More hardware nonsense, intermittently peppered with sense and reason, can be retrieved from the dusty files that are the Hardware Archives


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