Anand gets the Celery out

How many overclockers does it take to change a lightbulb?

HWRoundup More Celeron investigations over at Anand's. Another review that wonders whether, for the hobbyists at least, Intel's "unhobbled" Celeron was too little, and too late. Performance doesn't get to within 90 per cent of the cheaper Duron, but looking at the wider picture, Intel could have done just enough to stay competitive. Click here for the rest of the info.

OC Workbench delves into the inner workings of the newVP6 board from Abit. Abit may have missed a trick by dropping support for the Celeron 300As, and also missed out on AGP Pro support. However, despite these niggles, the board went down well with the barons of overclocking who especially liked the jumperless tweaking [Ooer -


] of the FSB. Click


for the review.

The ultimate finishing touch to any case mod is surely a shiny blue LED. Wanna have a go? The check out


guide from 3D-Hardware. Step by step, and including all kinds of safety warnings (mostly about warranties and the dangers of poking yourself with a soldering iron) this little guide will tell you how to change your LEDs without blowing yourself up or breaking a nail in the process.

Any of you lot play Half Life? Well, I thought I'd point out


link to a review of the Wasteland mod, over at UGN. Check it out - especially if you are feeling at all apocalyptic.

X-bit labs took the Gigabyte GA-7DX mainboard out for a test drive, along with the Athlon CPU and conclude that so long as you are not interested in overclocking, this board will be just what the doctor ordered. However, if you do like to try to squeeze every last Hz out of your machine, this might not be tyour bag. Go


for the rest of the review. ®

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