Chipzilla's 800MHz Celeron gripped and sorted

HWRoundup Award ceremonies, backup power supplies and other silicon stuff

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Chipzilla's newly announced 800MHz Celeron gets ready for a close up over at Sharky's. Having finally made the switch to a 100MHz system bus, can Intel offer some resistance to the Duron? The short answer is no, it can't. Although the guys at Sharky's reckon it was a bit nifty for overclocking, it wasn't as fast as AMD's 800MHz cometition and it is noticeably more expensive. However, it still rated a seven out of ten, so check the review out here.

Kyle and the rest of the crew at [H]ardOCP have taken a look back over the last year and picked out the best bits for you to peruse in "The [H]ardest of 2000." Best mainboard, best vidoe chipset, CPU of the year, memory of the year and so on. In fact every bit of kit you could hope to get your mitts on is on the list. Check it out


OK, so this is taking the whole gaming thing VERY seriously, but nonetheless you should check out the "How to..." over at Hardware OC. The boys have put together instructions for building a 30 hour battery backup for your system in case of a power cut. "Just think," they muse, "You could be the only one on the block fraggin' the nerd from Canada in UT while the rest of your friends huddle around a candle!" Irresistible, no? Click


to find out how it is done.

VR-Zone Hardware has posted a review of the KT133A board from EPoX, the 8KTA3. And it seems they kinda liked it. It comes with 6PCI slots, 4 DIMM slots, 4 IDE connectors, HPT RAID as well as an onboard debug card and if that wasn't a long enough list of stuff to type, they were very excited about the overclockability. So, go


if your interest has been piqued. ®

As Mike said earlier, for those of you who like to run your computers under cold taps, there is always more overclocking action and other hardware bits and bobs in the Reg's hardware archives.


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