Compaq to OEM TurboLinux

Bundling distro on Japan-bound ProLiants

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Compaq is to bundle TurboLinux's version of the open source operating system with its Intel-based ProLiant, and perhaps AlphaServer and AlphaStation systems, the company said today - just weeks after touting Red Hat's Red Hat Linux 7 on its Alpha machines.

TurboLinux - in which Compaq invested at the beginning of the year - specialises in Far Eastern markets, so it's no surprise the first ProLiant's to bundle the OS will ship in Japan. US customers get a look in early next year.

The Big Q didn't, however, say when - or indeed if - it will ship TurboLinux on its Alpha systems. The company's statement says the agreement "permits" it to pre-install the distro on its Risc-based machines - in other words, it's allowed to do so, but won't do so just yet.

For now, Red Hat will remain Compaq's distro of choice on Alpha, with TurboLinux coming in later primarily for Far Eastern markets - Compaq and TurboLinux's joint application porting and testing programme is based in Japan, for instance. Rather than appear partisan, Compaq will provide a number of alternative distros, allowing it to better cover different application areas and types of customer. ®

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