What if you build a hub and no one turns up?

Hyperchannel flannel

Hyperchannel has scaled back operations and is changing its business model, after failing to attract the support of IT disties, MicroScope reports.
The company has made 12 people redundant and closed down some local offices on the Continent,

Hyperchannel originally positioned itself as a B2B trading hub for the channel, but distributors are fiercely opposed to sharing margins and customers with another intermediary. Hyperchannel is now casting itself as a provider of shop-fronts. The company estimates it has enough funding for another 14-15 months.

E-exchange, another channel B2B trading hub wannabe, collapsed into receivership a few weeks ago.

Computerland gets back in the black, published on: 12/12/2000

Computerland, the Nottingham reseller, has reported 'a significant period of growth' for the six months to 31 October 2000.

The 'turnaround performance' saw sales leap 51 per cent to £19.8 million, and the firm move back into the black with pre-tax profits of £232,000 (1999 H1: loss £299,000). The company also reports strong cash flow, with net cash of £3.1 million. The company is shelling out a dividend of 0.8p per share and says it will buy back shares in order to enhance earnings.

Ericsson has ended its distribution agreement with Alcatel and will now sell direct to its resellers, according to channel paper CRN.

The move is part of the fall out of Alcatel acquiring Ericsson's distributor Newbridge Networks, a deal announced back in February 2000.

Ericsson has pulled away from Alcatel, because the French mobile phones to metallurgy company has a product which competes directly with Ericsson's Tigris platform.

Adaptive Accounting plans to grab the custom of Pegasus resellers by offering them a £1000 discount on its financial software package Accounting Office.

According to reseller paper CRN the deal is aimed specifically at Pegasus' dealer base and Adaptive hopes it will get more than 100 resellers to sign up with them over the next 12 months.

Also on offer are cut price seminars, training, and software for in-house use.

Pegasus said it wasn't that concerned.

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