Bleeding Itanium technology

HWRoundup Plus butchers at KT7 series

The Sharkster is mightily impressed with the Itanium processor family and architecture. Actually, that is something of an understatement. Best to quote directly: "The Itanium has a complex, bleeding edge, forward looking processor family that holds promise for huge gains in processing power... If Intel can deliver, expect to see blood in the enterprise server water."

So there.

For all you overclocking peeps, Chris Tom over at Socket A has


the MSI K7T Pro2 board. Given its reputation as a good 'un, how did it perform? No ATA/100 support, but about standard price-wise. And even these not so glowing factors failed to knock more than half a point off this one. 9.5/10.

Get your browser over to

Hardware OC

for a chance to win a TBird OC'd to 1.4GHz with an OCZ Monster 2 cooler. And while you are there for the free stuff , check out their thoughts about extra RAID. Worth the cash if you are a BIG gaming fan, but other wise keep you wallet in your pocket. Click


to find out why.

And Tech Report have reviewed the

KT7 series

from ABit. Much to Kyle's relief over at HardOCP. The review got the Kyle stamp of approval, so have a butchers. For your interest here is


own take on it, for comparison.

Last but not least there is a little look at a set of headphones - the thing to have at all the best LAN parties, we are assured, over at Overclockers. Everybody needs to accessorise - even gamers. So check it out



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