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Computer engineer commits phone suicide


I suppose it's just a typo in your article (halfway through 3rd para), but I would like to suggest that a "used Eugene" enter the English language as a new phrase to describe a recent suicide.

Jay Linn.

Micron issues profit warning

Subject: Micron

The shortfall is because they know when they lose the Rambus case they are going to go bust fat boy! I hear a normal Brit eats fish and chips for lunch while you eat a whale and a potato field! HA HA HA HA HA!

News sites panic over P4 glitch

Here we go again. How can the #1 semi-conductor ship a chip without the correct bios ? They've been doing this for over a decade now- its nothing new. They are not a startup co. that's trying to get its act together. They have ABSOLUTELY no excuse for this snafu.

The REAL point is that Intel is no longer a credible co. Even if their technical competence were not in question and their products are bug-free ( both questionable assumptions), they have shown utter disregard for customers. They have either deliberately shipped incomplete, buggy products (Pentium 3 and pro) to gain competitive edge or shipped defective products through oversight- both these raise serious questions of credibility with businesses.

And to think you berated Sun for their memory cache problems ! How many semi-conductor manufacturers 4 years ago (when US 2 was designed) took into account cosmic rays' effect on their products?

To put THAT in perspective, Intel has KNOWINGLY shipped bug-ridden, incomplete products time-and-again !

Vasu Muppalla

Thomas replies:

No they haven't. The only boards with the old V3 BIOS are pretty old themselves - and like I said, my P4's been running hard for 2 weeks using the 'buggy' BIOS and has never missed a beat. It's a non-story written by non-journalists.

At least Intel publishes lists of errata, unlike some chip makers who pretend they don't exist.

If you don't like the products, don't buy them. Not liking something doesn't automatically make it crap. I don't like BMWs but that's just my personal preference, it doesn't mean they're rubbish.


Vasu replies:


Do you know how much hassle it is when you buy such a product? Who's responsible? Can you contact Intel? HP? No, you've to go thru Best Buy whose best expertise in such affairs is shipping it back to the OEM !

All these 'middlemen' make pennies on the m/c while M$ & Intel laugh to the bank with gross margins that are hilarious just to ponder. Yet, they bear the BRUNT of flak and support. Intel MUST be made more accountable for their products - it shouldn't be just a rat-race to the bank for them.

Sure wall-street is to blame partly for all this but that's true for all companies and Intel must carry out their responsibility to customers also. 'Stuffing' products not ready for the market yet is NOT fulfilling that responsibility.

Vasu Muppalla

Leechnet: the porn Napster

ALLLRRIIGHHT!!!! This is exactly what the world needs, all the porn you can handle in one convenient location.

Now that I've got that cable modem I just set up a newsbot and let it run 24/7 Oftentimes the downloader is about 5 files ahead of the decoder. Most of it's crap though. Wade through it clean of the hardrive and let her go again. I can fill up a 4 gig driven in about 48 hours.

How about the legal implications thought. If you have a picture of that porn star (can't remember her name) that was underage and lied about it, sitting on your shared folder and someone uploads it BINGO, you've broken a law much bigger than some stupid copyright infringement. Trafficking in child pornography. Based upon American law on child pornography. They could create a file containing child pornography, post it on the service, and let people grab it. Bing one law broken. Then do periodic searches on that filename, find everyone who has It, download it, and bing another law broken. Actually if done right it could be a good thing, grab paedophiles pretty easily.

Do you think John Law will do it right?

You thought Napster was going to be fun, wait till this gets into full swing. Wait till the Christers get wind of this. OOOOOOWHHHHEEEE are we going to have some fun.


UK school gags 'IT-minded' pupils

Yeah, well I'm not surprised. My 14-year-old son goes to Notre Dame, and he's just been forbidden use of the Library and Computer systems for allegedly threatening to assassinate the Librarian with a bullet in the head (s'true, I swear...). In fact, he had simply asked for books about the Kennedy assassination, interested in history as he is, but why let education get in the way of paranoid hysteria?

Keep up the good work.

[Name removed for the good of a young man's future]

I am writing in regard to your coverage on the story on I in fact I am a member of the team and I would just like to thank you for the coverage. I am the person that got the sole blame for the pictures, and am meeting with my headmaster on Monday.

Just to inform you, although it is not necessary to amend the story in anyway, that we decided as a team that the best option would be to hibernate the site until things have calmed down a little.

Well thanks again for covering the story, and is it ok, if I put a link to the site on

James Irvine

Guns disguised as mobile phones

I WANT ONE!!!!!!!! But it would be even better if it worked as a real phone too.

Hell we have problem of people road raging over others using cell phones while driving, this is the perfect answer. Currently I have to remember both my gun and my cell phone. What a convenience to have both in the same package. I'd definitely want it to be bigger than a .22 though. And due to its short barrel design accuracy wont be great so I'll definitely need more rounds.

: )

Erik [again :-) - Ed]

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