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Oh dear. The great P4 benchmarking debate at Tom's Hardware continues to rage. Tom has been inundated with opinions about his reviews and has posted this piece to try and pour oil over troubled water.

Anand, meanwhile, has taken a different track entirely. He takes a look at the ALi MAGiK 1, a new DDR platform available for AMD's Athlon and posts


not entirely enthusiastic review. The problem comes in the form of the AMD 760, which for now seems to be the better option. However, all is not lost - in other words, wait and see.

Ace's Hardware has got itself into a


of benchmarking over the first Athlon chipset from SiS: the SiS730. One word of advice - this may not be for you if you are big into gaming.

If you like your music, check


out. The peeps at Game PC have posted their thoughts on Creative's new sound card, the SoundBlaster Live! Platinum 5.1. They tell us this is the first Live! card to fully support Dolby Digital audio without relying on third party decoder boxes. Well, there you have it. ®

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