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After the complete explosion of P4 coverage, we thought a round up of things non-Pentium related was in order. So we have a couple of guides, and a few silly bits and bobs. Post-post turkey relaxation. Just what the doctor ordered.

First up, we've got a couple from Anand. He's posted his weekly video card price guide which, yes, mentions the P4, but at least it got it out of the way quickly.

He's also posted an Intel roadmap - nothing to do with the desktop though, this is all on the move. Find out what Intel has in store for the world of mobile CPUs here.

A little motherboard action now. Roland of Rolotech has taken a look at the ECS K7VZA Socket-A offering. After the tech specs and a little bit of playing around, Roland gives the board an unqualified thumbs up, and wonders why on earth people don't buy more of these. High praise indeed. Click


if you fancy a read.

Sharky, still replete from all the traditional Thanksgiving gorging, has managed to digest enough food to put together a roundup of high-end desktops for those with more money than me, but not more money than sense. So take a


if you feel like a daydream.

Over at Maximum 3D, the fuss of the P4's arrival has not swayed them from the serious business of keeping things cool, and have taken a look at the < ahref="http://www.maximum3d.com/reviews/alphap6122.htm" target="_blank">Alpha P612TM60. Well, its like we've been saying for years, size does matter, but - and we're quoting now - eight inches is not always a good thing. Despite good performance and low noise, this one only manages half points.

And finally, things have gone a wee bit silly over at Tweaktown - not that we are complaining, far from it in fact. In the midst of an attempt to turn an old processor into a key ring, the boys seem to have discovered the hardest - although still quite brittle - substance on earth. Check it out


. ®

More hardware? Get thee to the archives.


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