Tom Greene is Satan

Democrat asshole in Gore campaign pay

Herewith our US election coverage flames -- and we do relish them. Check back occasionally; this archive is sure to grow as the Florida madness spreads. [updated 25 November, but with our two favourite oldies still at the top]

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Register total scorched-earth election coverage

Your only a cock sucking Democrat. Your only downfall is that you believe Al Gore.

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Dear Ego Masturbator,

'The Register' should have done a better job disassociating itself from your comments. As far as I'm concerned, 'The Register' has taken a political stance favoring Gore. 'The Register' must demonstrate impartiality if they wish others to appeal to their authority. If this is not the case, then they are simply stroking their ego at the reader's expense.

You are not a charity and will not get a second chance from me. I will no longer visit your website, and only speak to others about your website if I'm sure of disuading them from visiting it. My 'impressions' are your only currency, and I will not pay it any further.

-At least we still have Anandtech and Tom's

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Dear Tom Thumb,

Say hello to Mr. President Bush. You Democratic HACK! How do you sleep at night?

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Hi Thomas,

After reading several of your reports over the last few days without being able to tell if you're sputtering them out or snorting them out, I've come to the conclusion that your services would best be exploited by counting votes for Algore in Florida ;)

Best Regards and Happy Holydays to You and Yours,


I'm surprised that the standards of the REGISTER have dropped this low....thenagain they are British....hey maybe they'd publish me too?


We don't care about arguments any more!







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Dateline: San Francisco, Nov 23d, 2000

Thomas Greene today sputtered his useless political drivel concerning Coup d'etats in the state of Florida, obviously based upon his extensive years of study and debate concerning U.S. Constitutional law. Mr. Greene was being sought after by the Gore campaign as an expert in U.S. political infighting, in spite of the fact that he lives in England, noting that his inciteful comments were "Right on the mark in Justifying our of this particular election."

U.S. Citizens who actually live under the rule of the Constitution, realize that Mr. Greene ought to apply his "Expertise" in U.S. politics to more technical subjects to which his studiousness, in their humble opinion, is more aptly applied. It is deeply saddening that Mr. Greene fails to realize that, in the immortal words of Austin Powers, "Politics just ain't his Bag, baby."

Paul F. Hook

For crying out loud, Tom! What ever happened to objective reporting? Your reporting sounds as if it was coming directly from Daley's mouth. The Register already suffers from a lack of legitimacy and your personal crusade certainly doesn't help it in this respect.

Steve Chapman

Hi Tom,

We are fully behind this coup - us Republicans - now that both the Florida SC Judges and the 'used-to-be-respected' now-wimpish, worn-out Warren Christoph(ilosph)er have crumbled into disrepute under the orders of the De-socratic whips - there is no choice left - we will also undermine the federal constitution if we need to by appointing ralphy nader as the new secretary of the Peru or Pakistan, that is.

Long live the revolution we have begun - it is time the supreme court finally rules out the presence of the democratic party - as their name is clearly unconstitutional under the 13th, 16th and 29th ammendments - to say nothing of the Canadian Bill of Rights.

Here we were looking forward to annexing the northern 51st state also and it turns out they too are in foment and quandry - considering a plainsman over a quebeque lisper for head of provinces//// - tsk tsk - can't wait for the hand count of the "english-ballots-only" to come in from isle de montreal - to see the uprising being planned by CIA-sponsored neo-conservatives and local indian tribe lottery winners and tobacco smugglers - setting the stage for the invasion of the US Marines to save the poor dumb Canuks froggies from the western winds sweeping across the lands......

Long live the revolution and let the republican go forth and replicate.........

We appreciate your humor as well - nice not to have to learn the facts with the fantasy fiction from your write ups so entertaining - it surmounts the need for cnn's drivelly drama.

Warmest wishes for a good gobbling day in the castrated capital of that foreign land....

Keith Kennedy

As a technology website attempts to cover political coverage, I can see a selective reasoning that is inconceivable. Rather than see the whole picture, many people can only see things in a perspective that favors them and their beliefs.

Never in the history of this nation, has a vote been counted that is "dimpled" during a Presidential election. It is highly questionable that, even with those votes counted, that Gore will win.

A county is now refusing to count because they will not count only part of the votes. It is the law in that county that all of the votes must be counted. With the court restrictions, this would not be possible. The Gore campaign wants the county to continue counting, even if it doesn't count all of the votes. However, it claims that ever vote counts.

It is known that many Cuban voters have voted for George W. Bush. Rather than count those votes, the other two counties have pointed out that they cannot count all the votes in their county, and stopped counting votes that were heavily in favor of Bush.

Despite all of these things, Bush is still winning.

Even though they have thrown out ballots from overseas, which violates federal laws, Bush is still winnning. With Democrats getting scared, those votes will now be counted and Bush will lead even more.

It is hard to have a coup d'etat when you are leading. It is hard to steal something you possess.

In an attempt to be fair, perhaps you should find some things that are in disfavor for the Democrats. I know it will be hard for your mind to think in favor of those you do not favor.

However, by words you have used, "sputtered", etc. you are attempting to make one side look irrational and the other side look more rational. If you sincerely believe that one side is good and the other side is bad, perhaps you cannot get past sophmoric fairy tails you were told as a child.

As it was natural to happen, popular opinion now goes toward the man being snubbed--Americans want closure--Americans do not want to see their ecnonomy destroyed--other nations, such as England do not want to lose the leadership of America.

Otherwise, why not have England distribute their military around the world in attempt to make the world a better place. I respect your nation. We should allow you to take over the international leadership of this world.

I was born in Chicago and grew up in Fla. Broward and Dade county governments are so corrupt it is frightening to think that local politicians are making decisions that will decide who the next president is. If you consider the amount of influence that organized crime and labor unions have in this process and also consider that William Daley, a perfect example of a corrupt political machine boss, has been running the Gore campaign to reinvent the vote count in the four Democrat counties, you may come to the conclusion that this whole process is rigged and that the end result will be a President who is in debt to Organized Crime.

No one can determine the amount of tampering that has occurred with the votes or with the people involved in making decisions in the process of recounting the vote. This is where machine counts have their value. They have no loyalty to either side. They are not perfect, but their mistakes are evenly distributed to each side I the contest.

You should not let you disdain for Bush color your journalistic integrity so.

This would be an immensely unwise move, but Republicans are desperately determined to put their compliant little lad in the White House, so all bets are off. One hopes they would have the simple taste, if nothing else, to restrain themselves from fracturing a state government in their quest of control over the US federal bureaucracy, but no one should depend on it.

Sir, you wrote the above words in defense of Al Gore. In reality, Al Gore has already done exactly what you describe above. Different standards for liberals? Thank you very much for implying that only Republicans are evil, and that Democrats are virtuous. I'll bet you believe Bill Clinton was totally innocent of all charges of corruption, and that the liberal establishment has every right to persecute any conservative forever as retribution.

Stick to Tony Blair. Hopefully he will do for Britain what Clinton did for America.

not signed

Hey, clueless clown, it's the Democrats doing the coup de etat. Bush won the first vote. He won the recount. The Democrats chose three counties run by Democrats to do the hand recounts in and still they can't get enough votes for Gore. Bush won. Guess what the Florida law says? It says that the results SHALL be certified by the 7th day after the election. And very convenient how you forgot to mention that the Florida Supreme Court's judges are Democrats, six of the 7 are Democrats and the other is a liberal "independent", and several of them contributed to the Gore campaign. No wonder you work for the Register as clearly you have no journalistic investigative skills. You're nothing but a socialist Gore/Blair mouthpiece.

"contemplating a special session to overturn the Supremes and, by legislative fiat"

That's what the US constitution mandates in case the election is in doubt. Who are you to talk anyway? Britain has its legislature choose its Prime Minister.

"Absent any further appeals or usurpations, the contest will now shift from whether to count, to what to count. "

The votes have already been counted twice!!! And Bush won both times!!!

"It won't look entirely presidential for Dubya to protest the illegality"

It's Gore contesting the votes. They have already been counted twice. Bush won both times. And now they are suing Miami-Dade to force the local Democrats to keep counting even though they decided it wasn't worth it.

"There remain several thousand contested ballots containing dimpled and pregnant chads (no, we can't keep the distinction, if there is one, straight either) which could put Gore over the top. "

Yeah and the Democrat controlled counties have never before counted those dipled ballots as valid votes. Those same Democrats running Palm Beach such as Carol Roberts and Theresa LaPore denied a Republican legislator a hand recount when she lost by 14 votes because they said they don't do hand recounts unless the difference is in single digits.

"Courts must not lose sight of the fundamental purpose of election laws: the laws are intended to facilitate and safeguard the right of each voter to express his or her will in the context of our representative democracy," the court wrote. "Technical statutory requirements must not be exalted over the substance of this right." "

Yeah and the Democrats had an army of lawyers to invalidate the military ballots. Hypocrites.

not signed

How many times do you feel you have to prove your ineptitude at reporting on political matters, before you return to reporting exclusively on the topic which made you a popular site -- technology?

There are so many errors in this article/editorial that I don't know where to begin. I'll name just a few of them and try to keep my language short and simple, so that your "correspondent" Mr. Greene can understand.

1. You mention that the judges "wisely" set a deadline of Nov. 26 so that the recounting wouldn't interfere with the Dec. 18 dispatch of electors to the electoral college, but you conveniently forget about the deadline the legislature set of Nov. 14. As it turns out the law allows for further legal maneuvering past the vote certification date, which is why the Nov. 14 deadline was implemented. It may now turn out that if there are further legal actions made after the court's new Nov. 26 deadline, the court may have disenfranchised every Florida voter by creating a situation whereby Florida electors will not have been chosen by the December deadline because of ongoing legal battles.

2. You say "James Baker fumed over the 'unfair' process of courts actually daring to interpret laws and settle legal disputes." I ask you how is throwing out a legal deadline and implementing a new one (without any legal basis), simply interpretting the law?

3. You mention again and again how the Florida legislature has a heavy Republican bias, yet you "forget" to mention that the Florida supreme court is made up entirely of Democratic appointees!

4. "It won't look entirely presidential for Dubya to protest the illegality of ballots in Florida which would be legal in Texas." I think it does look presidential for him to request that all the ballots in the state are counted the same way, though. Why in three or four heavily Democratic counties should pregnant chads be counted, but the same pregnant chads should be thrown out in the heavily Republican counties?

5. I think your speak of the Republicans' desparateness to get there guy in office is utterly ridiculous. Bush has already won the election in Florida twice! Now the Democrats are saying, yeah but if we take these specific heavily Democratic counties, and recount them using different standards, and modify the standards as we go along (originally pregnant chads weren't going to count), we'll certainly come alot closer... I ask you who's desparate to get their guy in office?

In conclusion, keep out of politics!!


Mr. Greene,

I am a resident of Bradenton, Florida, a retired army colonel and a Gore voter. I have enjoyed the incisive analysis of the Register for years now, your coverage of the semiconductor industry is most excellent. I am saddened to add my jeremiad to the list of protestations at your coverage.

In your article "Republican coup d'etat looms as Fla. Supremes affirm Gore" you refer to Mr. Bush as a "compliant little lad." Mr. Bush is young, but by far not the youngest president on the books should he succeed. You don't back up your derogatory diminutives with specifics. Thus, the register is including ad hominem attacks against candidates in it's coverage.

In your article "Republican coup d'etat looms as Fla. Supremes affirm Gore" you note that you "can't keep the distinction, if there is one, straight" between dimpled and pregnant chads. You then go on to say that Republicans will try to have "as many excluded as decency would permit." Indirectly you're saying that either Republican motives or actions are indecent, in the same paragraph as you express your own inability to make the fine judgements between nuances of the chads. The Republican position breaks down to: if the Register can't tell the difference, neither can we, and so it should be considered a vote where
no clear intent was expressed. In this case, you impute a sinister motive to Republicans where I have seen many more instances of a sincere difference of principle.

In your article "Republicans peevishly await Bush coronation", you say Republicans are turning to their "favourite tactic of alleging deliberate malfeasance and perfidious intent among their opponents." While they are alleging such things, I don't see how this is a Republican favorite. Mrs. Clinton's famous remark about a "vast right-wing" conspiracy has been followed by Mr. Clinton's remarks in a recent Esquire article that during impeachment "very increasingly negative, vitriolic politics, propagated mostly, but not entirely, by the far Right and their alliance with the Republican Party....the Republicans were trying to precipitate this great constitutional crisis for political advantage." Each side sees in themselves the embodiment of high principle and in their adversaries the embodiment of all they seek to fight. As impartial journalists, however, I hold the Register to a higher standard. Speak to the principles each side has, or mingle those with the suspicions each side has about the other, but do not take the side of one above the other without a good reason why.

Adjectives used regarding Republicans in general or in specific are universally negative in connotation. For example, "peevish", "sputter", "coronation".

You use the word "evidence" in single-quotes in your article "Republicans peevishly await Bush coronation". The context of it in the sentence as well as in the article makes it clear that you have a very low opinion of the claims the Republicans are making - in itself not a bad thing, but when coupled with the lightly nuanced sneer of 'evidence' you demean the facts you are trying to report.

This language goes beyond the factual reporting of events, beyond even the characterization and analysis that the Register usually excels at. I found the article "Florida election returns blocked until Monday" to be a great article, and a wonderful example of Register journalism. The old saying that the measure of a good crystal wine glass is how well it allows you to see through it unimpeded to the wine. The Register is much better when it sounds less like Bill Daley and more like the Register I have been faithful to.

Justin L. Bacharach

Mr. Greene,

You sir, are either a complete idiot, a paid political hack, or too lazy to research the issues in this matter and are simply writing from the Democrats latest talking points memo. This is a complex issue of great importance and to give it such a one-sided flippant response is all too typical amongst the smug liberal media of today.

Please keep your future comments to issues that you either actually understand or have done the slightest bit of research on.

David Glenn

Its obvious you are a Gore sock puppet. And that you have little understanding of the issues involved. But hey, it make great copy! So who care about the effects of your piss poor reporting?

not signed

Having read your vituitous iconoclasm's... I seriously doubt that you are unbiased.

You're protestations otherwise... You are a Gore supporter.

You agree with criminal conspiracy to disenfranchise the military... And would probably support the Clinton/Gore agenda to disolve the the US Government to be replaced by the 'one world' monarchy with them in charge.


Great, now we've got British slackers telling us what is 'really'happening in Florida?


Too bad you didn't see it fit to also mention the rampant voter fraud Democrats engaged in:

Corraling homeless folks into signing up for Absentee Ballot in exchange for cigarettes, Encouraging many, many illegal immigrants to vote, not proof of citizen status checked, Encouraging students to vote multiple times, at locations staffed by Democrat loyalists where ballots were left out for anyone to grab...

And on, and on.

Please take your Socialist ass back to your broke dick country.

Oh yeah, I thought the Register bit the hand that fed IT, guess its the hand that fed shIT.

not signed

I would like to make a most humble request, and stay OUT of commenting on US politics and stick to the focus of the site, technology news. I like reading the tech pieces you guys do but the political pieces are dripping with partisanship, which is your right, but I would suggest keeping it in the context of your own home political system at best since you don't understand the finer details of US politics.

Your latest piece today on the Florida Supreme court ruling is disgusting for how utterly one-sided and opinion laden it is. If it was intended to be an op-ed piece then identify it as such, and as all other good journalists would do. Personally, you would find that most Americans just want these two lame-brains to get this over with and move on. It doesn't matter really who wins at this point and this is where the subtler side of American politics comes in....even if "Father of the Internet" Al wins he's not going to get dick (americanese for nothing) through congress because it is controlled by Republicans, everyone keeps overlooking that little detail. So, let him win, doesn't matter, so long as he doesn't get us in a war or something as extreme as that, he's perfectly harmless.


Please, can we stop this election coverage? I love the Reg, even the election articles are good, but I JUST WANT TO GET AWAY FROM THE SATURATION MEDIA COVERAGE BEFORE I LOSE MY BLOODY MIND!!!!

Pretty please?


I think every political article I've read on the Register is blatantly biased towards the democratic party. Do you just watch the liberal media and write what you see there? Thought so.

not signed

Mr. Greene,

Your apparent ignorance of, and bias regarding, this situation is quite remarkable. Please either spare us your "reporting" on this issue, own up to your editorial comments as such, or do the job right and dig into both sides. You do The Register and its readers a great injustice with such one-sided "reporting", not to mention insulting our intelligence.

Paul Flynn

Why don't you worry about what happens on your side of the pond and let us worry about what happens over here? We don't need your type of politics over here. Seems the only way you people know how to settle anything is with war with about 20 million dead. Or maybe we will just kill each other because of the way believe in God. and if that is not good enough we will just kill each other over 2 acres of land somewhere. Keep it over there.

not signed

Tom Greene should have entitled his most recent effort "I am a whiny socialist limey". It would have saved me the time I wasted reading his oh so very cerebral musings. If the Register feels it must comment on U.S. elections, it might want to try to appear to be somewhat objective. Of course, objectivity would ruin your reputation as the National Enquirer of the IT world. (And no, I didn't vote for Bush.)


Dear Thomas,

Why don't you research your stories better? You got it all wrong. In light of your sloppy reporting, now I wonder if the info that The Register reports on British tech news is accurate. Hint: Look into the specific types of ballots that are referred to in the Texas statutes governing recounts.

Brynell Somerville

Mr. Greene,

I usually enjoy the Brit view of the IT world, but I do have to say, your view on our American-style politics is skewed.

We've used the electoral college system of presidential elections for a long time. It is the approach we've taken to elect our leaders. To label one possible outcome an "absurdity" is ignorant hogwash. Although the popular vote is important, the electoral vote is what legitimizes our presidential elections. This talk of not being the "will of the people" is also disingenuous since if the people have chosen to use an electoral college to elect presidents, then how can an election invalidate it?

You don't like this? Fine. But talk like yours reinforces my belief that we did a great thing to break from the Empire...

Tom Gates

Did the Clinton appointed judge, that didn't halt the hand recount, escape you?????????????????????????????? Did the fact that a Daley is Gores campaign manager escape you??????????????????? Did the fact that Gore only wants hand recounts in Democratically controlled counties escape you?????????????

Try and get outside the beltway once in awhile.

not signed

Judging by your articles I'd say you're a screaming Democrat. Just a guess. What, the Register couldn't find anyone in England who could flame the hell out of the Republicans? Ever heard of unbiased reporting? Did you ever try it?

not signed

It seeme to me that this bit of writing is the most partisan "journalism" that I have ever seen in print. The Register has shamed itself by printing this and should publish an immediate retraction. I have been a faithfull reader of The Reg for quite a long time, and have always enjoyed what it has to say. I have even purchased a Register cap. As an IT publication The Reg is outstanding, but as a political paper it is a terrible rag. Journalists are supposed to be fair and unbiased, but you have sunk to a new low of partisan writing.

The headline is a thin veil for getting across an article designed to insult Bush and praise Gore, regardless of the fact that his being a sore loser is wreaking havoc on our nation. I am a Libertarian and do not associate myself with either party, but have been shocked at the behavior of the Democrats in the past week. They have been holding up a double standard and flaunting the law but you purport that it is Ms. Harris, an independently elected official who is flaunting said law. I suggest your read this page from the Wall Street Journal and realize it is you that Mr. Dole is pointing his finger at.

not signed

Try not to sound so overtly pro-Gore... In fact, as a suggestion, why don't you guys just stick to IT and spare us all the pointless political-bashing. It's bad enough to be blitzed with this in the main-stream press--and to here such spinning and candidate-pandering from both the Repubs and the Dems favorite spin-jockeys. I read The Reg for entertaining, unbiased, articles on IT. The tabloid journalism I can get elsewhere.

Thank you,
Rich Parker

Wow, thanks for such an unabashedly biased article. I guess if you were an American you'd be a Democrat, eh? I have to give you credit, this one takes the prize.

Oh, and that line - "rude masses in the US" - I'm glad you could so swiftly and comprehensively pass such a stereotyping judgement, no doubt with such purposeless thought! So, have you seen any more of the U.S. besides Washington?

not signed

Sir, I have to wonder if you yourself are not on the Gore payroll with the lack of objective reporting that you show on The Register. You consistently are defaming the Bush campaigns legitimate concerns. You seem to lack a very important view: Had these have been counties where the race had been close, or in Gov. Bush's favor, there really would be no reason to fight them.

However these recounts are taking place in counties where Vice Pres. Gore won by landslide amounts, which does not meet Florida law, i.e. no evidence of vote tampering, deceased voting, voter fraud, etc. Sadly this whole issue has made the US the laughing stock of the world at this point.

I only object to the fact that your articles seem extremely biased. I personally hope that Gov. Bush wins, however I think neither candidate is a worthy candidate. I let you know this so that you know where I stand in the hopes that you do not percieve this as a slanted argument for Gov. Bush.

Thank You for your time,
Scott Chubb

Please note, I am a voter in Florida. You should try slanting you articles a little bit more. I'm still not quite sure where you stand. Keep in mind that each of the 50 states are sovereign entities and have a constitution to follow. Contrary to the opinion of some in the world, we do know how to count in the United States. What we have is a Vice President who doesn't want to accept the possibility of losing, and he has a prodigy of a famous vote subverting family by his side to make see that the inevitable doesn't happen.

Yes, these are crazy times in the US, but don't believe for a minute that the process is broken. We have weathered much worse in the past 200 or so years.

Scott Thomas

In your pandering to Al Gore, which Al are you meaning? Slum-lord Al? Too much ice-tea so I didn't know the Buddist temple thing was illegal fundraising Al? No legal controlling authority Al? Bash the oil companies while enjoying the fruits of his da-da's incest with Armand Hammer's Occidental Oil? Earth in the Balance Al? The "voting's not done til Al Gore's won" Al? Or maybe you have in mind a new Al? Like, the "Will of the People" Al as long as the will of the people is what Al says it is? Or maybe "litigation" Al, since his anti-republic party was the first to file lawsuits. I'd like to know.


Please, be a little more accurate in your writings, I have noticed a liberal slant to your article's, but the Friday morning judgement in favor of the Secretary of State of Florida (chief election official of Florida, elected by a majority of voters) was not overturned in any manner whatsoever by the later ruling by the Florida Supreme Court (7 democratic judge's appointed by past Democrat Governors). The Supreme court agreed to take the case on appeal (as was known would happen), and took it upon themselves to stop the Secretary of State from declaring a winner, why the appeal is being heard. I ask you to tell me in what way this court decision was overturned?


What gives you the right to cut people up the way you do? I can't believe The Register would put such junk on the net. If this is where we are going with the media I for one am better off with out it.

not signed

The Register's coverage of the current US presidential election has thus far consisted of a series a strongly pro-Democrat, anti-Republican articles. I am a regular reader of your site, and have come to consider myself something of a fan. However, I feel betrayed by your politically-biased coverage of this election. I find this bias objectionable, and believe that it is a disservice to your readership.

Jonathan Denton

Recent editorials by Thomas B. [sic] Greene have offended me. He obviously looks down his nose at Americans, and although his cheap jibes may be aimed at the British funnybone, I should think they go over like a lead balloon over here. I certainly didn't laugh at his description of the "typical" American family's dinner routine. His anti-Bush slant is obvious. Why don't you guys stick to PC industry news and such, and dispense with the political and social commentary? Leave the latter to The Economist, who are better at it.

Best regards,
Nate Dahl

C'mon man.

If you're a democrat fine, you want to slant that way fine.

But to talk about all the evil wrongdoings of the republicans, and then make excuses for the democrats, please. In every instance of possible tampering you admit to it happening at least once. You fail to mention the democratic representative (in the general not congressional sense) that was caught with a punch in his pocket. You talk about the republicans' favorite tactics, this is obviously a historical type comment, as in they have done it in the past. Well look at the democrats, they have a long and illustrious history of voter tampering. Mayor Daley, Mayor "vote early and vote often" White, the list goes on. Not that the republicans haven't done it as well, of course they have.

Is there vote tampering of course there is, if you don't believe it dial 1-800-reality.

I'm neither republican nor dem, and hate both of them, and I don't blame you for being slanted just state it more explicitly.

Erik Trent

Mr. Greene,

I assume that half of the 45 million voters for Bush hold the likely unrealistic dream of retaining some of the Libertarian spirit of the United States. I also assume that half of the 45 million that voted for Gore dream of the nation transforming into a more socialistic nation modeled after European nations. I side with the former, as I live in the only nation on earth which truly respects (or I should say respected) the right of the individual, and would like to continue to have those rights. The point is that although I am concerned about the 'issues' as they are called, my primary motivation for voting is to try and effect the shape of the country for future generations.

That said, your opinions which by label seem to attempt to pass as news, seem to openly embrace one opinion as fact... I think there is a liberal bias in the media (at least in the U.S.), not because of a vast conspiracy, but rather because the average journalist is rather quite liberal, and despite best intentions will embrace ideas that are closer to their heart.

I go to the Register home page to keep abreast with events associated with technology, not to hear the political rantings of a journalist. So, because of the biased accounts of the election, which I have read all year on the Register, I will no longer read the Register.

I know I am only one viewer, but I hope you understand that one person has the potential to make a difference (something displayed by this current election process). My decision to 'boycott' the Register is based solely on your one-sided opinions.

Richard Mudd

Dear Mr. Greene,

Having worked in the journalistic field myself for a number of years, I understand your desire to present a complete story written from the point of authority. However, I do not think that it behooves you to take a partisan and generalized opinion and represent it as fact to your UK readers. Certainly, in regards to the US Presidential fiasco, there are many views on the alleged fraud and possible inconsistencies within the current process.

Yet, to say that it is the typical conduct of the Republican Party to cry foul, even when no such situation exists, is disturbingly misinforming. If it is your desire to write a political piece on the current events in Florida I recommend you look passed other people’s opinions and put the facts together yourself. You may find that something more serious is going on. This is something akin to the process of American democracy being artfully stolen of its integrity by strategists and legal loophole experts.

I believe that you should focus on the dangerous shift from "rule of the people" to that of legally backed political special interest groups. Unfortunately for us, the fact that the majority of a citizenry, UK and US included, are politically uneducated and grab the most readily obtainable opinions as their own, does not speak well for their sustained empowerment. Never the less, it is us in the media who provide the material for their opinions, and therefore, it is our obligation to present an honest and factual account on the goings on with as little guiding opinion as possible. If nothing else, providing a different outlook to that of the mass media’s opinion stimulates a thought process that is an asset to a governing citizenry.

Alex Riseborough

HEHEHEH. F man...F. This sucks. Bush has already won the election and here we have Albert "I invented the internet" Gore trying to overturn the election in the courts. Heh...hey..didn't realize the register was in the business of spreading political propaganda for Gore and company. BOOYA!!! The best of America came to the polls ready to vote for Gore but...disaster strikes!! Damn that tricky ballot!!


If I wanted to read election coverage with such an obvious bias towards the 'Father of the Internet', I'd go to his (Gore's) website directly. I come to The Register for IT news and commentary, not to read partisan articles from some Gore-ron reporting a thousand miles away from where it's all happening. Lest we forget that it was the Gore camp who produced documents detailing methods for discounting absentee ballots from military personnel. It is ironic that the Dems go to great lengths to divine the intent of thousands of voters who could not complete their ballots correctly ('dimpled' and 'pregnant' chad votes), but wish to disenfranchise voters with correctly marked ballots because of inefficiency of our military and federal postal systems.

Mr. Greene and The Register folks,

I hope that the people of The Reg actually see this because I have always respected their perspective until just recently... It's odd to me that you don't seem to notice this (as your country has a long tradition of honor and integrity), but there are two very differing views/philosophies on the two major political parties in the U.S.

One is "conservative". If you'll spend just a little bit of your time researching the conservative point a view, you'll find that it comes down to a few small principles. Personal responsibility, he who works hard is rewarded, he who commits a crime is punished, the government should not govern very many aspects of your life. Honor and integrity are rewarded and closeness to god is very important.

One is "liberal". I shouldn't have to explain this to you, but it seems I may have to. Liberal politics in America is divisive. If you will only take a couple hours to view the videos of this most recent campaign, you will see the liberal folks continuously trying to divide people. Liberals will always pit young against old, race against race, and income level against income level. It doesn't take a real genius to see it - if you've missed it, my guess is that The Reg is in someone's pocket...

That a country so embalmed in honor doesn't see and report this side of the equation is amazing to me. For your own salvation in this dispute, watch closely to see which party tries to divide us. I won't have to tell you which. If you actually pay attention, you'll see the problem in all of it's liberal splendor.

If on the other hand you don't see the divisiveness, then apparently you've forgotten what your country did historically to create this one. Shame on you if this is the case.


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