That Bush/Gore total fiasco cock-up saga in full

Seems some people got some strong ideas yessir

Florida election returns blocked until Monday
Bush and Gore exchange personalities
Microsoft Nemesis Boies fights for Al Gore
Bush hand-count hypocrisy shot down
Rhetoric swells as Bush's lead evaporates
George Dubya will lose if he wins
Capitol Hill re-shuffle promises entertainment

Q: How many Florida voters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
A: 4. No, 3. Umm... 2! Uh, can we get back to next week?

[Actually Big Thomas is a Yank through and through. We think...]

Tom Greene should have entitled his most recent effort "I am a whiny socialist limey". It would have saved me the time I wasted reading his oh so very cerebral musings. If the Register feels it must comment on U.S. elections, it might want to try to appear to be somewhat objective. Of course, objectivity would ruin your reputation as the National Enquirer of the IT world. (And no, I didn't vote for Bush.)


Dear Ego Masturbator,

'The Register' should have done a better job disassociating itself from your comments. As far as I'm concerned, 'The Register' has taken a political stance favoring Gore. 'The Register' must demonstrate impartiality if they wish others to appeal to their authority. If this is not the case, then they are simply stroking their ego at the reader's expense.

You are not a charity and will not get a second chance from me. I will no longer visit your website, and only speak to others about your website if I'm sure of disuading them from visiting it. My 'impressions' are your only currency, and I will not pay it any further.

-At least we still have Anandtech and Tom's

not signed

Please note, I am a voter in Florida. You should try slanting you articles a little bit more. I'm still not quite sure where you stand. Keep in mind that each of the 50 states are sovereign entities and have a constitution to follow. Contrary to the opinion of some in the world, we do know how to count in the United States. What we have is a Vice President who doesn't want to accept the possibility of losing, and he has a prodigy of a famous vote subverting family by his side to make see that the inevitable doesn't happen.

Yes, these are crazy times in the US, but don't believe for a minute that the process is broken. We have weathered much worse in the past 200 or so years.

Scott Thomas

Dear Thomas,

Why don't you research your stories better? You got it all wrong. In light of your sloppy reporting, now I wonder if the info that The Register reports on British tech news is accurate. Hint: Look into the specific types of ballots that are referred to in the Texas statutes governing recounts.

Brynell Somerville

Judging by your articles I'd say you're a screaming Democrat. Just a guess. What, the Register couldn't find anyone in England who could flame the hell out of the Republicans? Ever heard of unbiased reporting? Did you ever try it?

not signed

It seeme to me that this bit of writing is the most partisan "journalism" that I have ever seen in print. The Register has shamed itself by printing this and should publish an immediate retraction. I have been a faithfull reader of The Reg for quite a long time, and have always enjoyed what it has to say. I have even purchased a Register cap. As an IT publication The Reg is outstanding, but as a political paper it is a terrible rag. Journalists are supposed to be fair and unbiased, but you have sunk to a new low of partisan writing.

The headline is a thin veil for getting across an article designed to insult Bush and praise Gore, regardless of the fact that his being a sore loser is wreaking havoc on our nation. I am a Libertarian and do not associate myself with either party, but have been shocked at the behavior of the Democrats in the past week. They have been holding up a double standard and flaunting the law but you purport that it is Ms. Harris, an independently elected official who is flaunting said law. I suggest your read this page from the Wall Street Journal and realize it is you that Mr. Dole is pointing his finger at.

not signed

Try not to sound so overtly pro-Gore... In fact, as a suggestion, why don't you guys just stick to IT and spare us all the pointless political-bashing. It's bad enough to be blitzed with this in the main-stream press--and to here such spinning and candidate-pandering from both the Repubs and the Dems favorite spin-jockeys. I read The Reg for entertaining, unbiased, articles on IT. The tabloid journalism I can get elsewhere.

Thank you,
Rich Parker

Wow, thanks for such an unabashedly biased article. I guess if you were an American you'd be a Democrat, eh? I have to give you credit, this one takes the prize.

Oh, and that line - "rude masses in the US" - I'm glad you could so swiftly and comprehensively pass such a stereotyping judgement, no doubt with such purposeless thought! So, have you seen any more of the U.S. besides Washington?

not signed

Sir, I have to wonder if you yourself are not on the Gore payroll with the lack of objective reporting that you show on The Register. You consistently are defaming the Bush campaigns legitimate concerns. You seem to lack a very important view: Had these have been counties where the race had been close, or in Gov. Bush's favor, there really would be no reason to fight them.

However these recounts are taking place in counties where Vice Pres. Gore won by landslide amounts, which does not meet Florida law, i.e. no evidence of vote tampering, deceased voting, voter fraud, etc. Sadly this whole issue has made the US the laughing stock of the world at this point.

I only object to the fact that your articles seem extremely biased. I personally hope that Gov. Bush wins, however I think neither candidate is a worthy candidate. I let you know this so that you know where I stand in the hopes that you do not percieve this as a slanted argument for Gov. Bush.

Thank You for your time,
Scott Chubb

In your pandering to Al Gore, which Al are you meaning? Slum-lord Al? Too much ice-tea so I didn't know the Buddist temple thing was illegal fundraising Al? No legal controlling authority Al? Bash the oil companies while enjoying the fruits of his da-da's incest with Armand Hammer's Occidental Oil? Earth in the Balance Al? The "voting's not done til Al Gore's won" Al? Or maybe you have in mind a new Al? Like, the "Will of the People" Al as long as the will of the people is what Al says it is? Or maybe "litigation" Al, since his anti-republic party was the first to file lawsuits. I'd like to know.


What gives you the right to cut people up the way you do? I can't believe The Register would put such junk on the net. If this is where we are going with the media I for one am better off with out it.

not signed

The Register's coverage of the current US presidential election has thus far consisted of a series a strongly pro-Democrat, anti-Republican articles. I am a regular reader of your site, and have come to consider myself something of a fan. However, I feel betrayed by your politically-biased coverage of this election. I find this bias objectionable, and believe that it is a disservice to your readership.

Jonathan Denton

Mr. Greene and The Register folks,

I hope that the people of The Reg actually see this because I have always respected their perspective until just recently... It's odd to me that you don't seem to notice this (as your country has a long tradition of honor and integrity), but there are two very differing views/philosophies on the two major political parties in the U.S.

One is "conservative". If you'll spend just a little bit of your time researching the conservative point a view, you'll find that it comes down to a few small principles. Personal responsibility, he who works hard is rewarded, he who commits a crime is punished, the government should not govern very many aspects of your life. Honor and integrity are rewarded and closeness to god is very important.

One is "liberal". I shouldn't have to explain this to you, but it seems I may have to. Liberal politics in America is divisive. If you will only take a couple hours to view the videos of this most recent campaign, you will see the liberal folks continuously trying to divide people. Liberals will always pit young against old, race against race, and income level against income level. It doesn't take a real genius to see it - if you've missed it, my guess is that The Reg is in someone's pocket...

That a country so embalmed in honor doesn't see and report this side of the equation is amazing to me. For your own salvation in this dispute, watch closely to see which party tries to divide us. I won't have to tell you which. If you actually pay attention, you'll see the problem in all of it's liberal splendor.

If on the other hand you don't see the divisiveness, then apparently you've forgotten what your country did historically to create this one. Shame on you if this is the case.


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