Wearable Java computer open doors

Seen in Turkey

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Secure remote control for conventional and virtual desktops

A US firm is flogging a wearable Java computer which can be used as a key in the real and virtual worlds.

The iButton from Dallas Semiconductor is touted as a two-in-one fob, and can be used either as a physical key to open doors or a computer key for secure network log-in, or for electronic signatures.

The gadget is a 16mm Java-based chip in a key-sized metal cover, according to the company's Website. It has 64Kb Rom, 134Kb Ram, and can store more than 30 digital certificates.

The iButton can also be embedded in everyday items such as rings, watches or wallets. To be made into a doorkey, the user presses it onto a Blue Dot, a device which transfers information to and fro the gadget.

The device is already used in Istanbul, apparently. ®

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