AMD 760 DDR chipset delayed

Still looks like December at the earliest

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Updated Gigabyte has confirmed there are problems with AMD's new 760 DDR chipset, launched just two days ago and has delayed shipping its new GA-7DX mobo as a result.

A Gigabyte representative in the UK told The Reg that it was an AMD issue and that Chimpzilla was currently investigating the problem. It would be 'at least two weeks' before the severity of the problem and hence the length of the delay were known, he added. He declined to comment on the precise details of the fault.

The implication is that systems and boards are unlikely to be available until December at the earliest. The delay follows AMD's admission that SMP Athlons won't ship until the middle of next year.

An AMD representative said they were unaware of any issues with the 760 and said systems were available in Europe from NEC. This came as news to NEC's telesales operation who advised us that while 760 systems were scheduled to be available now, they were not expected to ship until the very end of November at the earliest, with December being more likely.

"Should be here in time for Christmas," observed the cheery NEC person.

NEC's technical people in Livingston, Scotland, added that sample mobos had only arrived with them this week for testing.

AMD specialist site AMD Zone reports that another mobo maker is delaying shipment of its 760 offering until the next rev of the 760 arrives. ®

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