HWRoundup Creative's Annihilator2 Ultra clocked

And more mobo mosh pit mashing

So, Creative got hold of a video chipset, and they made a new card. The called it the Annihilator2 Ultra, and then they handed one over to Anandtech to review. Click here to see the resulting outpouring of verbiage.

The new VT82C686B, which will work with both the KT133 and Apollo Pro 133A chipset, from VIA now has an UltraATA/100 interface for AMD and Intel platforms. Tom's Hardware had a

look at it

to see how it stacked up against Intel's ICH2.

System Logic has posted a rather apologetic review of the Abit BF6 mobo. Of course, any board will have good bits and bad bits, but the feeling is that this one missed the mark a little, but scrubs up pretty good anyhow. Check out the



Should you be one of the fortunate few with a bit of extra cash (and I mean around four grand of your US dollars) you could spend it on a Dell notebook, as


by the folks over at Sharky's. This one is shipping in November, but if you absolutely


have one, you can order it now.

GamePC took Nvidia's Geforce2 Ultra for a test drive, and once they'd finnished, they were kind enough to write up their thoughts for your education. Click


to see how much fun can be had with around 1.1 gigapixels/second.

The "...And finally..." for today? Well,


was sent in by a thoughtful reader. I'm not sure about the hardware angle on it, and it does sound like a radioactive prophylactic, but the all-round weirdness factor was high enough to get it included. ®

after all that you probably never want to see another motherboard again...what? You still like hardware? Well, OK then. Go forth and rummage in thearchives.

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