BT confirms free local calls from 1 Dec

Reg exclusive drags top brass off golf course

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At a hastily convened press conference this afternoon BT confirmed a Register exclusive that it was set to introduce unmetered phone tariffs in the UK from 1 December.

Consumer division MD Angus Porter, who was summoned from the golf course to lead the press conference, said that details published so far were "pretty accurate".

But he added that the monster telco still had to complete regulatory discussions with OFTEL and that the company was talking before it wanted to.

"We are confident it will okay and that we can answer
all OFTEL's questions," he said.

BT has already accepted its first orders for the new services and its sales teams have been put on alert to handle a flood of calls from eager customers. ®

El Reg would like to thank BT for allowing us to file this story from within their offices in the City. We've left ten pence to cover the cost of the phone call.

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