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Dr Tom celebrates Ferrari's win in Japan

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Dealing with overheating processors is clearly an ongoing battle for you overclockers. In a similarly vein, Australia is renowned for being extremely warm. So who better to look into cooling device than the crazy bunch at Insane Hardware. This time Thermaltake's new Super Orb gets the treatment. The results of the investigation are posted online.

Whaddaya mean you don't want to hear more about videocards? Well, this is for those who do, so don't spoil their fun. So without further ado, may we direct you to System Logic, which has produced a low-down on the Elsa Gldiac 64MB card.

Read it here


What is silver and has little rubber feet? We refer of course to the AOpen CRS-446U USB CD rewriter, which has stolen the heart of one hardware reviewer. We mention no names, but fear it may become obvious. If this has confused you, maybe you'll feel better after reading the

full story.

Feeling more shark-infested than the Great Barrier Reef or Dai Island, Sharkyextreme has a look at the mother of all ASUS video cards. As described by the guys themselves (I couldn't top this): "The big bad voodoo daddy of their pixel pushers, their video vandal, the AGP-V7700 Deluxe, an NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS 32MB video card with integrated video digitizing, time-shifting (like TiVo), and wicked 3D power."


The ABIT KT7 RAID Motherboard gets the once over at Tweaktown. With two of the five pages devoted to good features, this can't be a bad board. The bad features only take up a paragraph, and it isn't even teeny writing.

Read it here


We wondered how hungover the good Doctor is today, following the Ferrari win in Japan. It looks like Tom had enough time to redecorate his

home page

before celebrating the German's win too thoroughly. Ain't patriotism great? And it's red, so we like it too. ®

More stuff of silicon can, as usual, be found in our Register storage bins.


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