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My old man's a vulture, he wears a vulture's hat...

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We asked you to send in groovy shots of yourselves kitted out in Register gear. Why? Nobody knows. But if we really like the cut of your jib, we'll send you an exclusive Reg pin. Below are some of the more interesting snaps we've received. If you think you've got what it takes, send us your pics here.

According to its subject - one Toby Bryans - this pic was taken atop a rock in Nevshir, Kappadokya in which Troglodytes used to live... Appropriate, then, that he's wearing one of our old Bastard Operator shirts. Well done that man.

Showing the absurd lengths to which people will go to get a Reg pin, Craig Poxon threw himself out of a plane wearing one of our top-notch Vulture Central shirts. Madness, sheer madness.

Network engineer Jurgen Raedts hails from Leuven in Belgium. Lacking any worthy backdrop in his own country, he took himself off to gay Paree and posed in front of the Louvre. It was, he notes, freezing. Put a jumper on then, you silly boy.

A right rogues gallery featuring David Geer (left) and Roy Dexter. Roy, if your fake ID's as bad as your mocked-up Reg cap, I wouldn't try using it in a liquor store.

Syspark Inc. php-mysql programmer Mathieu Dubé was snapped by J-M Dault from Mandraksoft at the Montreal Comdex. Unfortunately, the background was so uninspiring, we decided to send him and the lovely Roberta Michel to a more agreeable location - in this case to Monrovia, capital of Liberia. Enjoy your stay!

Good work in Reg hats by Philippe Wagner of Horizon PR (left) and Espen Lund of Fileflow. Proof, were it needed, of the superior dress sense of our French and Norwegian cousins. Apart, that is, from the occasional comedy tie and mind-expanding nylon shirt. One last thing - Espen, your bloody hat's on fire!

Not a reader pic at all, but too good to waste. Sort of sums it all up. Mike Magee, we salute you...

Going for gold in the 'most improbable name for a PR bunny' event is exotic Tiggy Tonks. Tiggy was captured sporting Reg polo shirt and cap by our very own Paparazzi O'Leery. He later sighed: 'I'd like to say that she's a racy little Spanish spitfire with more dangerous curves than the road to Acapulco. I can't though, because she's English.' Quite so.

A lovely snap of Charlotte Moores (5) posing with dad Simon's Reg logo plane. Apparently they were off to drop water bombs on the Microsoft campus. Good effort.


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