Singapore's former PM says no to sloppy seconds

Nation learns bigamy "not on" in online chat

Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore's oldest elder statesman, used his first online chat yesterday to reveal his views on bigamy and feminism.

After the 77-year-old former PM had vented his spleen on politics, God and keeping fit, he got asked about Singapore's low population problem.

One cheeky Internet user asked if bigamy wouldn't help boost the country's birth rate.

"Yes," he answered. "It will help solve the problem but it will cause a tremendous row with women's lib. It is not on. Nobody wants to be a secondary wife."


But the aging statesman, who led a country where it is illegal to buy chewing gum and spit in the street, showed he was not quite the 21st century radical just yet, AP reported.

When asked what he thought about adoption he answered: "I would not adopt a baby unless I know who his parents are.

"Otherwise it is more risky than buying a lottery ticket." ®

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