S3/VIA integrated chipset hits the streets

AMD applauds

The chipset formerly known as Twister, S3 and VIA's ProSavage KM133, is now sampling. Designed for Socket A Duron and Athlon processors, it combines VIA's Apollo KT133 chipset with the S3 Savage4 3D and Savage2000 2D graphics engines, and is aimed squarely at the value PC segment.

The launch of the ProSavage KM133 follows on from the duos's first joint venture product, the Intel compatible ProSavage PM133.

"AMD is excited about the performance the VIA ProSavage KM133 chipset delivers to value-conscious users," emoted Richard Heye, VP and General Manager of AMD's Texas Microprocessor Division.

Like Intel's 810 and 815 chipsets, the KM133 is a Shared Memory Architecture (SMA) chipset supporting up to 2GB of PC-133 SDRAM and integrates graphics features such as AGP4x, 32-bit full colour rendering, texture compression, multi-texturing, hardware motion compensation for DVD playback, and display options for TVs or DVI 1.0 compliant Digital Flat Panels.

In addition, the South Bridge offers AC-97 audio, MC-97 modem, Super I/O and ATA-66/100 support, networking or Home PNA, four USB ports and an external AGP4x expansion interface for a separate graphics card.

The ProSavage KM133 is sampling now and will enter mass production in Q4 2000. The mobo is priced at $40 in OEM quantities. ®

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