Baltimore/AppGate go for public access to company networks

Selling security benefits not scares

Baltimore Technologies has signed a deal with AppGate that will see it provide a security layer to AppGate's flagship server product of the same name. This will provide application authentication, a level of security beyond a company firewall.

The tie up means that a network that has proper identification and authorisation procedures, that allowed different people to access different applications, could be in part opened to the public, according to Tim Dunn, Baltimore's UK business development manager.

For example, a PC manufacturer could allow customers to track their products from manufacture to dispatch, and if necessary through tech support or a repair process.

He stated that the many high profile breaches of security are down to bad planning. "Big companies are often so concerned with the time to market and cost elements of launching an online presence that the issue of how secure it will be is not considered until the die is cast for the budget and time scale. Security often comes in a very poor third to the cost and deadlines," he said.

Another major challenge facing providers of Internet security products and applications is to promote their products without scare mongering. Dunn said that it was important for companies like Baltimore not to look like "ambulance chasers".

"We need to focus on the opportunities that proper security can open up to companies," he said. He went on to say that presenting the worst case scenario of what could happen without proper security in place is probably counterproductive, and companies needed to start selling their products from a more positive standpoint. ®

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