Oftel fights back against Govt lost confidence

Has anyone tried looking down the back of the sofa for it?

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Oftel has defended itself against mounting criticism that it is responsible for stifling the growth of the Internet in Britain.

With its back firmly up against the wall Oftel "totally refutes" all allegations made against it and says it is not dragging its feet over Local Loop Unbundling (LLU).

And it claims it won't be bullied into accelerating the process or changing the rules surrounding LLU.

A spokeswoman for Oftel told Reg that Oftel intended to stick to its agenda and the timetable in place, adding that LLU was already being implemented.

Defending Oftel's record she said that the UK has led the world in developing unmetered tariffs for Internet access and that the wholesale flat-rate product, FRIACO, was a "model for other European operators".

Today's FT claims that Oftel has lost the confidence of the British Government and the European Commission. ®

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