HWRoundup Dr Tom initiates integrated mainboard action

Aladdin TNT2 punch up with i815e

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Tom's page focuses it attention on the world of integrated mainboard chipsets today. Warming up with a pitched battle between the new Aladdin TNT2 and the i815e, this also looks at the rest of a crowded field. Go here for all the gory details.

Up your Abit KT7-RAID motherboard's core voltage with


The author's recommend caution - if you don't know what they are talking about, find a friend who does.

Alex Ross is getting all nostalgic over at Sharky Extreme as he continues his restrospective of the last two years. Click


to see what he's getting all misty eyed about now - aside from the delights of London's public transport system of course.

And its Happy Birthday to Tweaktown too. In celebration, the guys are running a competition for readers of the site. Fancy winning a Thermaltake Golden Orb socket 370 cooler, a Ninja Micro's FreeSpeed Pro GFD, 2COOLPC Ducted Cooling Unit, Global Win FKP32, Vantec HDD Cooler or a System Exhaust Blower? Each of the three winners will get to chose two prizes so go


and sign up!

Glide Underground's Patrick Wilcox has uncovered a problem with NVidia's 6.26 Drivers. It seems that after adding the new drivers his poor machine just went all blank. So watch out, is what he's saying. Go


for the full picture.

How does a person cope with the limited playlist available to them in the car? Well, most people put the radio on, but not everyone. And the mobile MP3 is the brainchild of one music loving commuter. Read all about it over at



The leap off point for a wonderful adventure in hardware land is here.


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