Flames of the Week Fuel crisis sends em crazy

And we unveil our new phrase for dealing with such matters

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Internet Security Threat Report 2014

The UK fuel crisis: all thanks to the Internet

You are the Register's resident fool, right?

One day you might write an intelligent story about IT. One day... but instead you are content to peddle the right wing lie that this fuel dispute has something to do with "ordinary people" and waffle on about mobile phones as if that was some kind of revelation. Dear Kieren: mobile phones have been in use since 1990. Do some research, you

Paul Fisher

[We say: Back in your box laddie]

[Some confusion here. Who does Mike and Ruth think we are? One of those scary couples with matching jumpers we reckon]


We turn to the internet and the organisation that would appear to have started this to express our dismay.

Please tell your farmer friends that we shall buy French. My buyers have been told to source overseas hauliers.

You are all fucking mad.

We run a medium sized business in Cornwall and you are killing us

Mike & Ruth

[We say: Back in your box laddies]

Beginner's guide to SSL certificates

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