Fantastic see-through PC plastic

A clear case of fire-proof computers

NEC and Sumitomo Dow are to put a new transparent PC casing plastic on the market.

The transparent version of "NuCycle" plastic is said to be flame retardant - even with a thickness of just 3mm - light, strong and re-cycle-friendly.

NEC is plugging it as a trendy and safe cover for computers, phones and electronic products in general.

The stuff itself is made of polycarbonate resin, with a "special silicone compound newly developed as a flame retardant that eliminates the need to use halogen compounds, for a high degree of safety, strength and recyclability, as well as high flame retardance characteristics," according to the company blurb.

They have been developing the version of the plastic for two years.

Here's a bit more on the mechanics behind the plastic from the press release:

"NuCycle is very effective at retarding combustion of thermoplastic resins without the use of bromine and phosphorus compounds, and generates no toxic substances when burned and disposed.

"The flame-retarding effect of this newly developed silicone compound is caused by the silicone's special structure, different from usual silicone compounds, which disperses finely in resin, removes to the resin surface at ignition, and then forms an adequate flame-retarding barrier during combustion of the resin in which it is used." ®

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