BT acts as fuel crisis bites

ADSL halted for ten days at least

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BT has set up an emergency national control centre to keep tabs on the current UK fuel crisis.

It is conserving all fuel stocks and its priority is "safe guarding the operation of the network [such as] exchanges, radio stations and emergency services", according to a memo seen by the Reg.

It is also investigating ways to exploit the stocks of fuel set aside to operate the exchange standby power generators.

An official notice issued by BT late yesterday afternoon reads:

"As a result of the current fuel shortage BT are conserving all fuel stocks and as a priority are safe guarding the operation of the network e.g. exchanges, radio stations and emergency services.

With regard to our Field Operations the priority is maintaining the Business Repair Service.

A National Control Centre lead by John Dunn, Network Operations Director, is being set up to monitor and control the ongoing issues.

BT are also investigating ways to exploit the stocks of fuel set aside to operate the exchange standby power generators.

I will provide further updates as information becomes available but in the meantime can you ensure that our customers are aware of the situation and actions being taken by BT to manage the current fuel shortage."

Reg also understands that all ADSL appointments have been put on hold until Friday 22 September because of the fuel shortage. ®

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