Napster fan hacks 50 more sites

Pimpshiz attacks again - as promised

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Pro-Napster hacker 'Pimpshiz' has proved true to his or her word and struck again, breaking into and defacing a host of US Web sites - just as promised last month.

According to the New York Times, Pimpshiz hit 50 sites, including NASA and the Communications Workers of America, using their front pages to attack the music industry for its own assault on MP3 sharing software Napster.

"The [Recording Industry Association of America] does not represent your favourite music artists, wrote Pimpshiz. "They represent rich record executives. These are the fat cats who make profit from the other 95 per cent of CD sales. All because you either wanted more money (not like you had enough to begin with, right!?) or because you wanted publicity."

Last time round, Pimpshiz wrote in emails that he was using an as yet un-plugged security hole in Windows NT to break into his target sites. He also implied there would be further attacks of pro-Napster digital graffiti.

And in further emails sent to the NYT, Pimpshiz promised that more sites would be defaced. ®

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