UK sceptics tank dotcom flyers

It's a sad, sad day

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When it comes to role models, Britain has a healthy mistrust of e-ntrepreneurs.

According to a MORI poll published today, only one in ten Brits sees dotcom demigods as having those qualities that inspire others to look up to them.

Not so in Germany, though, where a third of those questioned wanted to model their roles on Net executives.

Still, the German-British Forum and the Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society didn't have to go to the expense of commissioning research to find out Britain's lukewarm view of dotcom execs.

The apathetic reception Lastminute.com's Martha Lane Fox got at a job fair earlier this summer says it all.

And as for the former MD of AltaVista in the UK and Ireland, well... ®

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