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Lipstick on collar, footprints in sand, Sumerian love-in

Your Register staffer became an honorary German Sunday, joining three wild boys who decided to hire a green Mustang convertible and head for the beach.

Although all four of us Germans are now easily identifiable because we were driving with the top down all day, and we all look like none of us can stop blushing, we had one of those serendipitous encounters close to Neptune World down on Santa Cruz beach.

Transmeta, for it was they, were holding a party for employees only and seemed a tad astonished when four strange-looking firinga started snapping pics of them while they drank their Pepsis and munched their burgers.

But, amazingly, although we didn't gatecrash their party, the honorary Scottish German in the party managed to overhear quite a lot in the 20 seconds he was around.

And this is what he overheard, once the shock of the chance encounter had worn off.

According to the quadruped we quizzed (yes, we can talk to les animaux), Transmeta has now over 40 designs, with most slated to appear before the end of the year.

And it ain't just them pesky Web pads and notebooks. Server makers have also contacted the vendor, according to the Serendipity Dog we talked to. Cooling is the rule, and of course the Transmogrified chip is well cool.

Slim servers? But shurely Transmeta only supports single chips. Yes, so far...

Back to notebooks. The TM5600 is 20 per cent faster than the TM5400 because of L2 cash doubling but while all these plans are fine and dandy, according to Serendipity Dawg, the big problem could be that the foundries Transmeta is using, viz Big Blue, TSMC and UMC, might not have the capacity to deliver the forty-something designs in quantity.

Serendipity Dawg says woof, warp to you all. We have a snap of four Germans in a cabriole, which we'll endeavour to deliver later in the week.

PS We four all managed to get lost in the redwood forest up in the hills, but managed to make it back to base using the SoftGPS supplied on a Palm Pilot we had. When we pressed the button, it said: "You are here" and so we were. ®

La Reg is jet lagged.

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