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Are 1GHz PCs just penis extensions?

Where did you find this mope psychologist? It's putting all of us psychologists to tears. =(

I asked this question during a psychiatry M&M (morbidity and mortality) conference this morning, and we all got a big laugh out of it (as our residents hid their tricked out Handsprings). This is saying something as broad as "physicians have small members" (because they have money, therefore they can buy expensive things, ie: the Porsche or the Tartan Yacht).

If you were to really perform analysis based on social and personality traits exhibited by buyers of computer equipment, you'd probably find this:

a) Frequent buyers of computer equipment would probably have less need for affiliation and other personality traits, but more of a need to feel accepted. (Anyone want to take the California Personality Inventory?) I'm sure you can take whatever previous (legitimate) research that has been done with personality traits of computer users (hardcore users, vs. those who use 'em just for work) and apply it here.

b) One time buyers (or, buyers who do things that are normally associated with buying a "new PC" every 2 years) would be difficult to guess about. Someone who buys a top of the line PC every 2 years is not someone who worries me, but someone every 2 months would be.

Of course, a GOOD psychologist would have looked at socio-economic factors in addition to buying patterns. A correlation does not imply a causal relationship.

What a Sigmund Fraud.

AMD's Sanders rants up the river

"As he beat his right chest, he also bellowed about future Fab plans AMD has in store, so putting to rest worries that a general conflagration might wipe out Dresden. "

As an obvious reference to the fire-bombing of Dresden in World War II, this is in poor taste. Do you guys do this so you can add entries to 'Flame of the Week'?

[Reg official answer: No we don't]

You folks are going straight to hell.

I'm sure that I'll see you there. I'm learning just what an asshole I am by how much pleasure I get from being horrified or pissed off by an article you folks write and then gaining great pleasure by relishing the sarcastic "apologies" you print to rub it in a little more. You are a nasty nasty bunch.

Keep up the good work.

James Healey

HP revamps CD RW drives

Mr. Thomas,

In regard to your article about HP updating its lines of CD-RW drives. Perhaps you should rephrase it to say "HP adds corporate logo to newer drives by Philips, Matsushita, etc." Similarly, why not check the Web sites of the companies who actually make the drives to see whether or not Win2K drivers are available.

This was not meant to be a slam, but why bother commenting on the printer giant's pathetic delve into products they don't even manufacture or support properly.

John Eccles

Net speak makes Oxford English Dictionary

I was a little puzzled to see some of the words I did in the "here are ones we've never heard of" basket of this article. In particular, "pre-loved" is in common parlance here in the Antipodes. Furthermore, in Queensland (a state of Australia best known for bananas and lunacy) the "breatharian" movement is well known. Indeed, just a few years ago a some of its ringleaders were sent to jail for manslaughter after they convinced a young woman to dehydrate herself to death.

Then again, there's no daylight saving in Queensland during summer because there are too many people there who still insist that the extra daylight fades the curtains and causes the cows to come in at the wrong time for milking.


Matt Lowry

Click here to find out if your mobile will kill you

Read your article on phone radiation and thought I'd add this comment.

Your head itself will act as part of the antenna.

To prove this to yourself, hold your car alarm/unlock device in contact with your forehead and press the button. You will find that the range it operates over will greatly increase. You can also use this trick when your battery is getting very low and you need to get your car unlocked.

I suppose we could all wrap our heads (counterclockwise?) in some sort of iron wire or embed them in ferrite cores to avoid the radiation problems. I could do with a ferrite core embedment right about now as a matter of fact.

Jack Dahlgren

Mobile users in love with Win2K

It is always amusing to read about recalcitrant IT people. Win2k is a joy to use all around. Ironically, the main benefit is that all the things Microsoft promised over the past few years now work, work fast, and work reliably. A difficult "feature" to market.
Best regards,
Zigurd Mednieks

Saucy Sis Athlon mobo pics on show

I saw your article explaining how to use a common graphite pencil to unlock the AMD Duron processor. I was rather skeptical but having seen your articles pan out consistently over the past year or two I decided to give it a go since I just happened to have an Asus A7V motherboard (without the on-board sound - and with the dual dip switch banks for multiplier settings).

So I popped off the heat sink, pulled out the 600 Duron and drew on it with a mechanical pencil (to connect the L1 gold finger "stubs") Put it back in, played with a few settings and am now happily playing with an AMD Duron 850 based system... (Silly me, I didn't realize there is NO SUCH THING.... Too bad the Duron is only available in 600, 650, 700 - NOT!) I may not have hit the limit of overclocking (I wanted stability - I'll probably see how far I can push it later.) This system is STABLE. Running Linux - not Windoze YMMV.

Thanks for posting the info... (And yes it is legitimate!!!)


Dear Team Register,

I would like to report that the next two links are broken. I think that is pretty strange....

Well, I'm sure you people can do something about it.

Here are the links:

[two links to Dell and Athlon stories]

Both messages are from Wednesday, 16 August 2000. If you fixed this could you send me an email with the working link?

Yours sincerely

Christian Zielinski.


Thanks Christian
A weird feature of our site is that story headlines can be found in a search before they are put live. This is why the headlines were there but the links didn't work. They're fine now


Oke, it's like this:

Today when I checked the news on your site, I used the search-engine, and I searched for the word "amd" to see what you wrote the last two days about Amd, so I think it's a bug in the search engine, that gives me news that is not published yet on your front page, but is going to be published that certain day. I was thinking something like that already, because the news, was not old news but up-to-date and I couldn't find it on your front page....

Oké, I won't tell anybody that a little boy, aged 16, found a bug in your system, and could read all the new topics of the day, that aren't even published yet! Oops!

I wish you good luck fixing the problem,

Yours sincerely
Christian Zielinski.

[Reg response: Smart arse]

[And finally. The alternative [as in "alternative comedy"] contender for Flame for the Week. We like this]

Dear Sir

I wish to complain about the crap you print on your webshite. It's been a long time since I have read so much boll*cks that is simply not true!

For example the story: "Jungle man has 80's pop star for best man" has really annoyed me today because it is basically a bucket of ficticious dung.

In the article you state that: The lead singer of Tight Fit was> "finally found him working at Butlins in Devon."


As you would be aware if you investigated your stories PROPERLY, Butlin's DOES NOT have a Holiday Centre in Devon! What's more Butlin's has NEVER had a centre in Devon in it's entire existence!

(The nearest Butlin's is in SOMERSET although there used to be one in Barry Island, South Wales which was possibly just as close to Devon. Sadly it was demolished about three years ago.)

Also, your article states that the lead singer was called "Paul Da Vinci"


As any TRUE Tight Fit fan will know, his name was in fact "Paul Da-Vinci". (Note the "-" ).

Finally, you state that Mr PD-V NEVER appeared on TOTP...


He never actually appeared with Tight Fit but I can reveal that he did appear as a member of The Wombles on more than one occasion. (I believe, but I stand to be corrected, that the played the female Womble).

(You also call PD-V a "Top Pop Star" which is somewhat open to question, but I'll let this error go.)

This is typical of the Crappy, unresearched, Turd-ridden articles that I have come to expect from The Registrar

What's more most of the Register's writers have nerdy haircuts and wear big girls pants when no-one is looking.


Barry Mung

PS. I think that the lovely Lucy has sexy hair, not at all nerdy, but probably does wear girly pants (Small size 10 ones). If she is ever down in deepest Wiltshire, tell her to drop in and I'll take her out on the town. Linda can come as well if she wants. I don't want that Mr Magoo to come, though.

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