Oftel tongues Welsh speakers

It's all Dutch to us

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Oftel is to publish its documents in Welsh - as well as English - the winged watchdog announced today.

The bilingual measure will also mean that Oftel officials will answer the phone and publish leaflets in Welsh.

Explaining why Oftel has taken the decision, David Edmonds, Director General of Telecommunications, said today: "Mae angen i OFTEL sicrhau bod gan siaradwyr Cymraeg fynediad i gyhoeddiadau a gwasanaethau OFTEL yn Gymraeg.

"Mae Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg OFTEL yn nodi sut y bwriadwn sicrhau bod y Gymraeg yn cael ei hintegreiddio ir modd y mae OFTEL a Phwyllgor Ymgynghorol Telathrebu Cymru yn delio r defnyddwyr yng Nghymru.

"Ar l i ni ystyried y sylwadau a dderbyniwn, cyflwynir Cynllun Iaith Gymraeg terfynol OFTEL iw gymeradwyo gan Fwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg," he said. ®

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