Microsoft suggests Canadians can't add

Written numeracy test required

In a fabulous worldwide webfest building up to the launch of Windows ME on 14 September, M$ invites anyone in the world (as long as they live in the US or Canada - oh, and not you, Quebec, you're out as well) to enter a prize draw to win a copy of ME autographed by Bill Gates.


50 winners a day will receive a 'limited Bill Gates' edition of Microsoft Windows Me software before it's available in stores! The Grand Prize winner receives a VIP trip to visit the 'Digital Home of the Future' at Seattle (unlikely to be Bill and Melinda's place) plus a Hewlett-Packard digital camera (Win2K drivers not supplied) to immortalise their visit.

Another highlight of the exciting trip to Redmond will be the chance to rub elbows with the Microsoft development team. For the uninitiated, rubbing elbows is a team building activity that all Redmond staff must carry out at least twice a day.

The lucky winner will receive the full VIP treatment by getting a private tour of the Microsoft Museum, home of the wonderful Microsoft Bob.

Delving further into the small print, we find that in the event a Canadian entrant is selected, he or she will be required to answer a mathematical skill testing question as a prerequisite to being declared a winner.

This seems a tad unfair. Why not ask them to demonstrate something they know about, such as their clubbing prowess (baby seal supplied)? ®

Bootnote Canadian law is responsible for the 1+1 stipulation, and not M$. Still haven't figured out why Quebeckers are banned, though.

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