AMD's Kludgehammer we haven't accelerated it

Publicly, that is

PR representatives at AMD have obviously been in fevered huddles and have come out with a line on its future 64-bit processor which it codenames Sledgehammer.

Yesterday, we had a telephone call from our local AMD geezer who had a line on the stories we've been running over the course of the last week.

Richard Baker, marketing director of AMD in Northern Europe, said: "We do not comment about rumours or speculation. We have not accelerated the introduction of Sledgehammer." We thought this was a tad odd, seeing as we hadn't asked for a comment anyway and he called us.

And, we've just noticed, Drew Prairie, who seems to be a US AMD spin doctor, although we've never talked to him, seems to be re-iterating Baker's line.

In an interview with folk at hardware site GA Hardware, Prairie is quoted as saying: "We have not accelerated the public timeline for SledgeHammer, so don't expect to see systems this year".

What's a public timeline? Search us, we're not PR people here at The Register.

What we find really puzzling is that when we published the job ad for Sledgehammer staff (link below), we were also phoned by AMD, and when, a week earlier, we published AMD's mobile roadmap we also got a call from the good folk at The Great Satan of Tape Recorders.

We told you they were more paranoid than Intel... ®

  • We've had an unprecedented amount of emails about our Sledgehammer stories, many of which we've forwarded to our Letters Editor, Kieren McCarthy. You can carry on showering us with snottograms™ and billet doux to your heart's content, but would you mind forwarding them to Kieren too, to help save us a little time to write even more controversial stories, please?

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