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Some good news for BOFH fans

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Merchandising latest...19th February 2001

Many apologies for the non-appearance of the secure server, but we've been having a few technical difficulties. We hope to have these resolved soon. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.

But there is some good news. The BOFH merchandising you all demanded is available now. That's right, Bastard Operator shirts and hats at prices you can afford. Click here for full details. Yes, we know you'll have to order them by snail mail, but if if you want 'em, that's the way it'll have to be!

Win Reg Goodies!!!
Click for full size imageTo win a bumper bag of Register merchandising send us a photo of yourself in a bit of Reg kit. If we like your pics, we'll post 'em in our Readers' Gallery. If we really like your pics, you'll get a veritable jamboree bag of vulture-related goodies. Priority will be given to snaps containing nudity, exotic or unusual locations and You've Been Framed-style comedy poses. Email the pics to us here.

So what have we got?
Click for full size image Baseball caps Blue with white vulture, one size fits all.

Click for full size image T-shirts White and blue - red vulture on back, URL on right sleeve. Sizes: M/L/XL.

Polo shirts White and blue - red vulture embroidered on left nipple. Sizes: M/L/XL (not pictured).

Click for full size image Button-down shirts Yellow, white and french navy (dark blue to you and me) - red vulture embroidered on right nipple. Sizes: M/L/XL.

The logo on the T-shirts are big, but please note our models - the Vulturettes - are wearing them back-to-front; the image is on the back. The logos on the polo shirts and smart shirts are small. And they all look cool. That's about it really. Oh, you'll have to pay for them.

How the hell do I get hold of these lovely items

To order your Reg merchandise simply send us an order with your cheque (UK and US customers only) or International Money Order made out in sterling to "Situation Publishing" and we'll get the stuff in the post to you straight away (allow 28 days for delivery). Please note that P&P costs are for individual items, so if you order more than one bit of kit, you'll need to pay the P&P for each item. If you've lost your pen or spent so much time at a computer that you've forgotten how to write, why not use our print'n'post form?

  UK Pricing US Pricing
  Item P&P Item P&P
Baseball Cap £10 £1.50 $15 $3
T-Shirt £10 £2.50 $15 $6
Polo Shirt £20 £2.50 $30 $6
Button-down Shirt £25 £2.50 $38 $6

So what do I do?

  • Work out what you want
  • Write it on a piece of paper
  • Add up the prices, including the P&P
  • Write down your name and address
  • Snail-mail the order with a cheque/international money order for the total and made out to "Situation Publishing
  • Sit back and anticipate impressing your friends and/or neighbours

Our address is: Register Merchandise, Situation Publishing, 20-22 Maddox Street, London, United Kingdom, W1S 1PN.

Any queries? Please drop us an email at cashncarrion@theregister.co.uk ®


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